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Design leather chairs: a touch of elegance for your home environment

Elegant and perfect for furnishing both informal and refined environments, the design chairs in leather are a fixed presence in the best interior design projects. In addition to leather and hide, treated in the traditional way or with innovative techniques, you can also choose synthetic and eco-leather, ideal for projects that have a strong focus on environmental sustainability.

Essential, upholstered or with castors: designer leather chairs meet every need

The versatility of the design of leather chairs permits the furnishing of every space in the home, guaranteeing comfort and customisation. Lovers of the minimalist style may resort to models realised with essential lines and with a design capable of exalting the high quality of the materials used. The padded leather chairs, instead, are indicated for environments furnished with a more classic style. They are also perfect for all projects that require chairs capable of offering comfort and aesthetic beauty.

The padded leather chairs may complete the furnishings of a refined living room, but they may also find space in a living room and serve as an armchair. Models with wheels are instead an excellent solution for creating a work station in the home that is, at the same time, comfortable and with a carefully designed look.

The leather upholstery can be limited to the seat or extended to the backrest. Leather can also be combined with other materials to create many possible combinations that can be used in any space in the home.

The structure of a leather design chair can be made of metal, wood or plastic. The choice between these different materials should of course be made taking into account the overall style of the room, the qualities and the design of the product.

When you decide to furnish your home with leather design chairs you must also keep in mind that this material tends to change its appearance over time. In fact, depending on the way in which the leather has been tanned, it may darken more or less quickly or may accentuate certain shades of colour over the years.

Which are the most famous leather design chairs in the world?

Designers and architects with an interest in interior design have created models of leather chairs that have become authentic icons of modern furniture. Refined and comfortable, these chairs furnish lounges, living rooms and professional offices, enriching the space with their elegant design and attention to detail.

The LC1

The LC1 chair designed by Le Corbusier is one of the highest expressions of minimalist design. The chair is made with an exposed aluminium frame, onto which a leather seat and back are fixed. There are no decorations, there is no padding, and the essential design manages to maximise the chair’s sober lines and the high quality of the materials used. Extremely versatile and comfortable, this chair can find a place in the living area of the house, in the bedroom, in a study or in a waiting room.

The Barrel

Inspired by the shape of a barrel, from which it takes its name, the Barrel chair was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in the 1930s and stands out for its imposing and almost regal structure. This design chair is made of solid wood, with a high back and a soft upholstered leather seat. This model is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, achieved by interlocking the various wooden components. The leather seat is available in dozens of different colours, from classic to bright. The Barrel chair can be the piece de resistance that makes a living room decorated in an industrial style special, or it can be placed in the centre of the living area of a room furnished in a vintage style.

The Spanish Chair

The Spanish Chair, designed in the late 1950s by Børge Mogensen, is a wonderful example of how comfort and design can reinforce each other. This leather design chair has a simple oak frame and a real leather backrest and seat. What makes the model unique is the original system of adjustable straps, which allows the leather of the seat to be stretched, so that it can be tightened as the leather yields with use. The name of the chair is inspired by an ancient manufacturing technique typical of Spain. Mogensen wanted to maintain the rustic look of the old Spanish chairs, enriching them with high quality leather, which gives the Spanish Chair an original and timeless appearance.

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