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Design kitchen: what is it? What are the reasons for choosing it?

Design kitchen

A Design kitchen by definition has an elegant and luxurious appearance. On the one hand, this testifies to the refinement and aesthetic taste of those who commissioned and designed it, and on the other hand, it is the result of the use of high-quality materials and furniture.

These kitchens have a very versatile structure and adapt to various furnishing styles. Depending on the type of home and the needs that arose during the design phase, various configurations and layouts can be adopted. Let’s see which ones are the most popular.

What makes a Design kitchen so unique?

The kitchens are designed to catch the eye, but also to ensure durability and perfect functionality. In such kitchens, the more practical aspects of use are perfectly balanced with the aesthetic appearance of the furniture.

These kitchens are therefore designed with great care, to make it easy and functional to prepare food. In addition, they are made of quality and very durable materials.

To construct the furniture of a Design kitchen, wood is generally used, painted to bring out its natural colouring and grain. Alternatively, the wood can be covered with a coloured varnish. For worktops, on the other hand, marble and granite are the most common options for traditional style kitchens. In contrast, stainless steel, technical ceramics and cement-effect resins are the most popular solutions for those who prefer a more modern style.

More than the materials used, a Design kitchen is distinguished by its characteristic appearance. In this sense, the layout one chooses to give the kitchen is decisive. In design configurations, the break from the classic scheme of a linearly arranged kitchen is quite evident. The wall units are arranged in an original way, playing with volumes and often creating an alternation of solids and voids. In modern kitchens , an island or peninsula is practically a must, to be used in place of the table or as the operational heart of the room.

Other possible configurations that can be given to a design kitchen? For example, L-shaped and U-shaped ones. Alternatively, hanging cabinets can be installed. In all these cases, the choice must be dictated by a careful evaluation of the kitchen’s usage habits, the lifestyle of the person living in the house and the characteristics of the room.

Design kitchen

How to design a Design kitchen?

When planning a Design kitchen, great attention must be paid to the so-called work triangle, i.e. the space between the area where the cooker is located, the area where the fridge is located and the area where the worktop is located. Ideally, these three elements should create a triangle, which minimises movement and is ergonomically arranged.

In order to create a work triangle that maximises the functionality of the kitchen, it is essential to take into account the position of the equipment and distances, but also other structural elements that may be present in the room. By analysing the available space in depth, it is possible to uncover potential obstacles to Design kitchen design or, on the contrary, interesting opportunities that can be exploited to achieve a unique and customised result.

The brightness of the room, the presence and arrangement of windows, and the shape and size of the kitchen are all elements that need to be weighed carefully. To make the room appear brighter and make clever use of space, one could decide to place the sink under the window, for example. If, on the other hand, the room has low ceilings, you could choose to install full-height cabinets.

Design kitchen

Why should you choose a modern kitchenof design?

Modern-style kitchens can optimally meet the needs of contemporary families. From being simply a place to prepare food, the kitchen has, in recent years, become the heart of the home, i.e. the space where family and friends gather and where thoughts, emotions and pleasant moments can be shared.

Modern kitchens also have a high technology content. Between Internet-connected appliances, induction hobs integrated into the worktop and ultra-technological hoods, this room in the home is becoming increasingly functional and up-to-date.

Especially if the house has an open structure and the kitchen overlooks the living area, choosing designer furniture to furnish the room allows this space to become the focal point of the room. A big reason in favour of a Design kitchen is that it always looks neat and tidy. In fact, thanks to the presence of large storage spaces, it is possible to store pots and pans and various utensils in an organised manner, so that you always have a perfect kitchen, both functionally and aesthetically.

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