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Design beds in wood, a practical and pleasant solution for every need

The bedroom as a living area – here, wooden designer beds fit perfectly

Wooden designer beds are a popular solution for bedrooms. The bed is not only the place where we sleep, it has become a symbol of relaxation, intimacy and comfort.

Over the years, the bedroom has become a real living area, often small in size compared to a traditional living area, such as the living room, where people no longer just spend the night, but spend time in intimacy and tranquillity, perhaps to work serenely at their desk (with smart working) or rest after a long day’s work.

The sleeping area, which may have had a secondary role in the past, now takes pride of place in modern homes and the bed is the undisputed protagonist. Design beds are created to meet the new and contemporary needs of the customer; production companies carry out continuous research into materials and shapes, combining comfort with aesthetics.

Wooden beds are elegant and functional, finished in many different shades, and meet the needs of those who have little space but still spend many hours in the bedroom.

How wooden beds are made – design elements

The structure can be made of wood as well as the back and side panels. For the latter two, a combination of woods should be considered, perhaps enriched with coloured patinas that go well with the colour of the walls of the room.

Design wooden double beds are available with or without storage units and in various sizes to meet the needs of every type of customer.

Solid wood never goes out of fashion even for designer beds

Beds made of solid wood (the innermost, strongest part of the trunk) are synonymous with longevity and quality. Solid wood has always been used to make beds, and it is still used despite the constant increase in new materials for the production of designer beds. The aesthetic impact is high as well as the reliability and it is a natural product. You can choose the shade of the wood.

Wooden designer beds, the canopy that is back in fashion

Wooden design beds with a more contemporary feel are particularly suitable for minimalist bedrooms, where the wood is enhanced by the original design.

If you want a wooden design bed with storage space, you will find that this space partially lightens the wardrobe load. You can choose between wooden design beds with drop-down storage or with spacious side drawers, which are a winner in terms of practicality.

The version of the wooden beds with a canopy structure is particularly modern; although clearly inspired by history, this model is contemporary and can meet the originality of those who, for example, could install a shoe rack or even a small bookcase under the bed. 

And those who are really looking for that extra touch should definitely consider the design bed model completely surrounded by wood, with essential structures that nevertheless wink at detail.

It is possible to have designer beds made of wood that match everyone’s idea of aesthetic beauty and are, at the same time, comfortable, and original and personalised.

Recycling and wood, how to create an environmentally friendly and truly designer bedroom

Recycling enthusiasts will be happy to know that it is possible to make a structure using ordinary pallets.

For those who need to enhance space, or are looking for an innovative structure, noteworthy are the design beds in wood that are linked by organisational structures such as a desk, bookcase, wardrobes and drawers. For a modern, urban design, it is worth considering making the majority of the room in wood and, consequently, buying a wooden design bed that matches the surroundings.


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