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Design bedroom, cosy and space-saving if required

The central element: the bed

The bedroom is the place for rest and relaxation. Its furnishings must be carefully studied to allow people to feel safe, at the same time you cannot ignore the design to make it a room in line with your dreams.

The fundamental element to start from when furnishing your bedroom is the bed itself. It must be chosen with care, it must be comfortable and guarantee a regenerating sleep. Nowadays there is a wide choice of mattresses, bed bases, supports and pillows to alleviate physical problems such as back pain that can ruin your rest.

Bedside tables, between comfort and design. What if we chose two different ones?

In the design of a room, bedside tables are no longer just a small wardrobe and storage space, but become a striking design detail. It is important to consider how many objects (book, lamp, mobile phone) you want to place on the top and how much space you want in the drawers. The bedside cabinet must also be functional. You can also choose to use two different ones on either side of the bed, creating an original and less symmetrical effect than two identical bedside cabinets. To accentuate the particularity, it is possible to detach as a style from the bed. With the spread of minimalist style there is a tendency to create small and space-saving bedside tables, sometimes consisting of a single shelf or a body suspended above the floor.

The wardrobe must be the ideal size and can furnish

Does the wardrobe or chest of drawers have to have the same style as the bedside table? Not necessarily. When deciding which wardrobe to place in the bedroom, you need to think about how many clothes it should contain but also about the size of the room: if it is too big it makes it suffocating, if it is too small it makes it anonymous and gives a sense of dispersion. For a large room a wardrobe with hinged doors is perfect, while for smaller rooms a wardrobe with sliding doors is more suitable. The first solution is often the least expensive but also the one that leaves the least room for design.

There are also coplanar doors, which remain on the same level as the structure when sliding. It is also possible, especially in modern and minimalist rooms, to buy an open wardrobe, without doors, which itself becomes a furnishing accessory.

To take up less space, the minimal style proposes bridge bedrooms

The need to save space has led to the emergence of bridge bedrooms, initially for children’s rooms and gradually also for adults’ rooms (the system is also suitable for the master bedroom). The bed is incorporated into the structure of the wardrobe.

Choosing a bridge bedroom allows you to reclaim space in the wardrobe, especially if the room is not huge. You can choose one with hinged doors or one that becomes a sliding bridge over the bed or along the wall. In these cases, bedside tables often become open compartments, created from columns, to create additional space.

The design of the chandeliers must not forget that they must provide enough light!

Light also plays an important role in the bedroom. The chandelier is an object to be chosen with great care, which can really become a design detail capable of making a difference. The style should be the same as the rest of the room. If you opt for a modern one, you will have soft contours or strong lines, modern construction materials. Neutral and soft colours are preferred. You can also opt for a colour that recalls and highlights a single detail of the bedroom, perhaps a painting, for a special effect. You need proportionality with the size of the room. Make sure it has enough light!


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