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Design bed: how to choose the right model for your room?

Design bed

Furnishing with a Design bed means placing in your room a piece of furniture that is capable of perfectly balancing both aesthetics and functionality.

In addition to being characterised by a profound care for aesthetics, in fact, designer beds have the great capacity to guarantee an optimal level of rest. Modern models, in particular, are designed to adapt to different furnishing styles and are able to give personality to the space. All without having to resort to articulated or overly complex designs.

What living needs does a Design bed satisfy?

Often, those who choose to furnish their rooms with designer beds do so because they are looking for a solution that can lead to an elegant and functional result. Moreover, these pieces of furniture are made of high-quality materials and with a very high quality of design. What you get, therefore, are beds that favour rest and recovery of energy, with a curated and original aesthetic and extremely comfortable.

Most designer beds have clean, essential lines and are ideal for fitting into a room with contemporary-style furniture. Suspended beds are ideal solutions in this respect. There are both wall-mounted beds, which are perfect for rooms where there is a load-bearing wall, and suspended beds that rest on a central leg, which are the perfect solution in all cases where the wall structure would not be able to support the weight of the bed.

Depending on whether you wish to furnish a room in a more or less original way, you can opt for a design bed that represents a model made with innovative and surprising shapes or for design solutions that focus on sobriety and the use of unusual materials. The choice is yours!

Design bed

What are the functions and main features of a designer bed?

The way of living in rooms dedicated to sleeping has evolved over time and, in step with this, the way in which bed furniture design is interpreted has also changed. Structures have become more essential and more and more attempts are being made to create multifunctional solutions. Let us take a closer look at this topic.

The bed is not only the piece of furniture on which the mattress rests, but also consists of the structure that integrates the bedside tables, a headboard that performs an important furnishing function and, in some cases, a storage space that helps keep the bedroom tidy and well organised.

Design bed manufacturers also offer models that allow the position of the mattress to be adjusted, thus enabling it to be moved in height or tilted. From this point of view, the bed structure becomes functional in the creation of a real sleeping system, which guarantees a truly optimal level of comfort.

Those looking for a design bed that is comfortable and suggests softness at first glance can consider upholstered beds. Modern padding systems and upholstery materials make them safe options, even for people with allergies, and make for a very aesthetically pleasing result.

Design bed

How to choose the right Design bed for your room?

Designer beds come in many variations, one different from the other. Indeed, there are beds whose strong point is the headboard, enriched with special workmanship or an unusual shape, and others that are characterised by the fact that they perform several functions at once. These are only the first two examples of furniture that can be mentioned.

Some designers propose beds with a minimal and essential structure, with the bed simply supporting the mattress. Other designers make the bed the focal point of the room. A solution of the first type is ideal for a context in which there is Nordic-style furniture, for example. On the other hand, the most original beds are also the most versatile in terms of possible combinations.

In an industrial style bedroom, one could insert a Design bed with bedside tables integrated in the headboard and with a wood and metal frame. In a room with retro furniture, one could instead think of one or more designer beds with a canopy structure and made of wrought iron.

This is certainly not the end of the story. Forward-looking designers propose bed models that are able to combine comfort, elegance and technology. In this sense, those who want to make their bedroom futuristic  can opt for a Design bed with an integrated light and sound system. Or they can purchase a piece of furniture with frames on which to install a TV.

Various types of materials are used to make durable, quality designer beds. In addition to solid wood, a material with timeless appeal and which has been a great protagonist of beds in the past, steel is frequently used for contemporary structures, since it can give the room an original and modern look.

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