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Decorating living rooms: a guide to furnish living rooms (furniture and accessories)

Decorating living rooms

How to decorating living rooms at home? Let us start by saying that the living room is one of the most important spaces in a home. It is in fact the room where we spend most of our free time and where we meet with friends and family, to share the most pleasant moments.

For those involved in interior design, making the right choices when it comes to decorating living rooms is fundamental to the success of the work.

To make this task easier for you, we have selected some of the most important points. These are the things you should analyse carefully in order to achieve a satisfactory result. As always, you will not miss our advice , which is based on the more than fifty years of experience of our joinery and design studio.

How to decorating living rooms? Assess the size, structure and brightness of the room

The first step in furnishing your living room is to consider the size of the room. If you have a large space, you can opt for important and voluminous furniture, while if the square footage is small, it is important to choose furniture that is compatible with the volume of the room. In fact, only by choosing furniture that is consistent with the space you have available can you succeed in creating a harmonious and comfortable atmosphere. This is a rule of interior design .

The structure of the room is an equally important element in decorating living rooms. When choosing decorating living rooms, always keep in mind the shape of the room and its particularities. If the living room has an open plan facing the kitchen, you might consider designing these two spaces in the house at the same time. If the living room faces the terrace, keep this in mind to create a link between the interior and exterior of the house.

Additional advice. You must not underestimate the brightness of the room. Indeed, the amount of light in the room influences its atmosphere. What’s more, it also conditions the design and furniture choices you can make. For example, in a room that has little natural light, placing dark, imposing furniture is off limits. A simple – but effective – trick that interior designers often adopt to make a dimly lit location appear more spacious and large is to opt for light-coloured furniture, with the addition of glass elements and mirrored surfaces, which can reflect light well.

Decorating living rooms

Keep in mind the furnishing style of the house and any special requirements

The living room is not a place in itself, i.e. it is not separate from the rest of your home. On the contrary, it often acts as a connecting element and glue between the living and sleeping areas of the home. Consequently, when selecting the right decorating living rooms, you cannot help but consider how the other rooms in the house are furnished.

So, how should the living room be furnished? We can say that the furniture in the living room will be influenced by the style chosen for the closest rooms, usually the entrance area and the kitchen. You can decide to furnish these spaces with furniture of a similar style and colour, if you want to give a harmonious and uniform look to the room, or you can choose to give the room a particular character, deciding for an original style or contrasting design elements.

When choosing decorating living rooms, the specific requirements of the customer must also be considered. One could find oneself in the situation of having to integrate a designer table or chairs into a minimalist living room, or to add decorative elements to which the client is particularly attached. In cases such as these, all the sensitivity of the interior designer must come to the fore, who must be able to come up with brilliant ideas to create a space that is equally functional and personalised.

Decorating living rooms

How to decorating living rooms? Define the characteristics of the walls and other decorative elements

Walls, furnishings and decorations can give a precise character to the living room and complete its décor by adding a unique touch. For the walls, it is advisable to choose a colour that can enhance the material and style of the furniture. Bright or dark colours work very well with white furniture or furniture in neutral tones. Conversely, if you have chosen colours for the furniture that stand out, it is advisable to opt for white walls or walls covered with wallpaper with a very subtle decoration.

In the case of an open-plan living room that overlooks the kitchen, you can create a link between the two areas of the house precisely by choosing a uniform wall colour. Alternatively, you can decide to have coloured walls that specifically recall the colours chosen for the kitchen furniture.

To give the finishing touch to your interior design, add some furnishing accessories such as cushions, carpets and curtains. These elements are excellent resources for those who are called upon to decorating living rooms, since they can be used to give an accent of colour, to personalise the look of the room or to emphasise certain points in it.

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