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Customisable bookcase: how do you choose the right model?

Customisable bookcase

In modern homes, more and more people are opting for a customisable bookcase.

If in the past the bookcase was seen as a piece of furniture with a rigid and fixed structure, with the passage of time people have begun to think of this furniture as extremely versatile. Versatility is expressed both in the type of objects it accommodates – not only books, but also small ornaments, frames or vases – and in the structure, which becomes modular and configurable with great freedom.

Customisation of the bookcase is all-round

Materials, colours, structure: all aspects of the bookcase can be customised to create a piece of furniture shaped exactly to one’s needs. Keeping the available space and storage needs as fixed points, you can give free rein to your imagination and create a truly unique piece of furniture, uniquely designed for the furnishing of your home.

The flexibility of the solutions offered by modern bookcase manufacturers is such that furniture with the most varied structures can be installed. In addition to classic bookcases with parallel shelves, we find bookcases with freely configurable slanted shelves, modular structures and designs with abstract and original shapes.

One of the most obvious advantages of choosing a customisable bookcase is the possibility of intervening even at a later date to change the appearance or structure of the furniture.

For example, customisable bookcases composed of independent modules are perfect when storage needs change over time: if the number of books and objects to be stored increases, simply add one or more modules to find a new balance point.

Variety and customisation are principles that also guide the choice of materials to be used for bookcases in a contemporary home. Wood remains the first choice, but PVC design models or minimal metal structures should not be underestimated.

In terms of colours, too, there is maximum freedom. The bookcase can blend in with the rest of the room or can be used to give a particular colour accent to the room. Depending on the space in the house in which it is inserted, the bookcase can become the focal point of the room or be one of the various elements of the room’s furnishings.

In which spaces of the house should a customisable bookcase be installed?

If you think that a bookcase can only be placed in the study or living room, it is time to revise your convictions. Today, the most original solutions allow you to insert a customisable bookcase in every room of the house, even in spaces where it is not usual to find one. We are referring, for example, to the kitchen, the bedroom or the hallway.

In the living room, the bookcase can either integrate with other furniture or become an element that breaks away from the rest of the decor. In the first case, it is useful to use modular TV stand furniture to which bookcase modules can be added. In the second case, on the other hand, one can play with eye-catching design solutions. Wall-mounted coloured bookcases are perfect for this purpose.

To give personality to a living room, hallway or other space in the home, you can also opt for an unconventional bookcase. A suspended or wall-mounted structure is just the thing. In design models, the possibilities for customisation are maximum. This means that you can freely decide what the furniture will look like in the end.

Which configuration should you choose for your customisable bookcase?

Inserted between revolving structures, furniture with open compartments or solutions closed by sliding or hinged doors, the bookcase can furnish spaces of all kinds and sizes. It is enough to understand the particularities of the specific environment and the objectives that need to be met to be able to find the best customisation.

If you have a large open-plan living area, you might think of using the bookcase to separate two areas of the room. You will only need to install a bookcase with a modular structure and open compartments at the entrance, for example, to mark the beginning of the living area. In short: there will be no need for a fixed structure.

Should you desire a solution that is both original and versatile, you could consider the JOY bookcase by Zanotta. The peculiarity of this model is the presence of mobile and rotating shelves, which give the bookcase an ever-changing look. Depending on your needs, the shelves can become seats or shelves. In this way, the bookcase is customisable down to the last detail.

Every furnishing project is both a challenge and an opportunity: this is true more than ever when deciding on the right configuration for your bookcase. Thanks to the extreme flexibility of their structures, customisable bookcases are able to furnish all kinds of square footage, from the smallest corners to the largest spaces. It will be enough to adapt the number and arrangement of shelves, colours and finishes to the particularities of the environment to achieve a new and pleasant result.

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