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Custom  furniture in the contract sector: the guide to making all the right choices

Being able to count on custom  furniture is one of the strengths of well-articulated contract projects. The flexibility guaranteed by made-to-measure furniture and complements, in fact, makes it possible to give personality to any commercial environment and allows the best possible response to the clients’ needs.

In the contract sector, made-to-measure furniture is to all intents and purposes custom  furniture for the most diverse realities: ranging from large clothing boutiques to chic restaurants, and even hotels and luxury yachts. For each of these spaces, unique pieces or structures are designed and produced, which are not only conceived to perfectly fit the dimensions of the rooms, but also to create an atmosphere so distinct as to create an easily recognisable – and therefore characterising – location for the brand.

To each reality its own custom  furniture

In the contract sector, it is essential that custom  furniture is designed specifically for the reality for which it is intended. At first sight, what we have just said may seem an obvious, almost banal concept, but this is not the case. In fact, when talking about made-to-measure furniture, there are many aspects that a valid Interior Contractor must think about. Let’s see which are the main ones among them.

The dimensions of the furniture are what one immediately thinks of when talking about custom  furniture projects. Naturally, this is one of the points to be evaluated first. Taking into account the size of the spaces to be furnished and their functionality, the number and size of the furniture will then be decided.

Parallel to the size of the furniture, the material from which it is to be made must be considered. At this point, additional evaluations come into play, concerning the style you want to give the space and the emotions you want to convey to the public. Do you want to impress the customers who will frequent the shop or hotel with extra-luxury materials? Do you want to convey attention to detail and the perception of original furnishing solutions? The possibilities are many and, through a unique combination of woods, handcrafted metals, marble and other natural stones, each space can be fitted out with the custom made furniture that suits it best.

Unique furniture that respects the particularities of each room

When the contract furniture project is guided by an experienced General Contractor or Interior Contractor, there is the certainty that the end result will be consistent with the specific characteristics of the sector in which the client operates.

The, for example, has different requirements to those of a clothing shop, an office or a naval environment. If in a it is necessary to balance the style and functionality aspects of the furniture, in an office it is necessary to give more weight to the values that custom  furnitureconveys. On the other hand, in a naval environment devoted to luxury, it is fundamental to make a careful selection of the materials to be used for the realisation of contract furniture that makes durability its winning weapon.

When designing made-to-measure furniture for a contract project, one must also consider the context in which the shop, hotel or office fits in. How so? It’s simple: the end result must ensure a certain harmony with its surroundings.

Regardless of the specific requirements of the project, it is important that all custom-made luxury furniture is functional and comfortable. Specifically, they must prove that they can create a cosy ambience and furnish any commercial or representative space with personality.

The importance of entrusting the realisation of custom  masde furniture to contract suppliers with solid experience

The management of contract projects that require the design and production of tens or hundreds of custom-made furniture, complements and decorations is complex and articulated. Relying on an experienced carpenter helps to keep the most critical aspects under control. A supplier specialising in customised contract furniture guarantees an excellent level of quality in every respect.

Thanks to their experience in the contract world, carpentries that supply custom  made furniture can become partners that follow the project from the initial stages to the final set-up. Carpentries with the characteristics we have mentioned can liaise with other professionals working on the project and provide useful indications on the choice of the best materials to be used for each piece of furniture, also in relation to those used for upholstery and accessories. Furthermore, selecting expert suppliers ensures that the latter have a perfect knowledge of the regulations to be complied with and the best solutions to guarantee a long life of the furniture itself.

Added to all this are the advantages of choosing for your custom-made  furniturea contract joinery that produces furniture entirely made in Italy. Flexibility is one of the most important and obvious advantages. The joinery can adapt production according to the needs expressed in the furniture creation project, allowing the creation of small or large volumes of furniture. In addition, a company that employs craftsmanship techniques can easily modify production in the event of changes to the project or if last-minute requests arise.

In conclusion, our advice is to always rely on custom  furniture specialists, especially General Contractors who have been in the market for decades and can boast concrete and demonstrable results. Because that is what, in most cases, really makes the difference between a supplier who is reliable and one who is not.

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