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The curved corner sofa: how to choose the right piece of furniture according to your decor?

curved corner sofa

A curved corner sofa is the right choice for furnishing a large living room in an original way.

This versatile and contemporary – in some cases, even ultra-modern piece of furniture can, for example, enrich the furnishings of a loft or complete the interior design of the living area of a large open-plan flat. Design solutions allow you to furnish your home with personality and, at the same time, turn the sofa into the focal point of the room.

Why choose a curved corner sofa?

The design of curved corner sofas is gaining increasing popularity. What are the reasons for such wide acceptance? The soft, rounded lines of these sofas fit perfectly into a home furnished with contemporary style furniture. The straight, square lines of the furniture are balanced precisely by the curved lines of the sofa. The end result is a well-balanced room with a cosy atmosphere and an undoubtedly original appearance.

More than other types of solutions, a curved corner sofa is able to offer excellent levels of comfort, while maintaining a curated and striking aesthetic.

In most cases, it is furniture with a modular structure: this means that everyone can compose the furniture as they like, adding or removing seats, providing modules with reclining backrests, modules without backrests, with or without footrests and headrests, and so on.

One of the aspects that most affects the aesthetics of the curved sofa is the depth of the seat. In the shallower models, design is brought to the fore, while in models where the seat has a more pronounced depth, the message that emerges is an invitation to relax and conviviality.

The possibility of customising the structure of a corner sofa and the possibility of choosing from a wide range of alternatives demonstrate the versatility of this furnishing solution, which can become the central element of the living room interior design.

curved corner sofa

How best to furnish the home space with a curved corner design?

For the success of the furnishing project, it is important that the curved corner sofa blends in with the chosen furniture style.

Broadly speaking, there are three paths one can take: one can opt for a sofa with a minimalist style, a piece of furniture with an avant-garde style or an industrial-inspired piece.

Minimal models do not give up on design. Although they have simple, clean lines, these curved corner sofas are made of the highest quality materials and with great care. Minimal sofas are often upholstered in fabric, in light or pastel colours. Or they are offered with soft leather upholstery.

Curved corner sofas with a more sophisticated design are ideal for those who want to furnish their living room in an original way, to surprise their guests. Within this specific category are furniture with bizarre and bolder shapes and those in which technology is an integral part of the structure. Examples of this? We can cite sofas in which the backrest is fully reclining and those equipped with sound systems or integrated lights.

Those who live in a loft converted from an industrial space can furnish the living room area with a large curved leather sofa. This furniture, cosy and with great personality, manages to visually fill even the largest and apparently dispersive spaces.

This is not the end of the story. To complete the interior design project, other furnishing elements can also be placed alongside the curved corner sofa. For example, matching ottomans, which emphasise the design of the sofa and also offer additional seating. On the other hand, small tables are the right choice to have a comfortable shelf at all times.

curved corner sofa

Which type of curved  sofa should you focus on?

Are fixed-frame corner sofas or modular sofas better? Is it better a sofa with fabric or leather upholstery? It is very difficult to give an unambiguous answer to these questions, because a lot depends on one’s own aesthetic taste and needs. However, some general suggestions can be given, which will help you make the right decision.

A fixed-frame sofa may be the right solution if you have identified a design that complements the room’s furnishings perfectly. A modular structure, on the other hand, is preferable when greater flexibility is desired and the sofa’s appearance can be modified even after some time.

When choosing the material with which to cover the sofa, on the other hand, one should select quality materials that are water-repellent and easy to clean in the event of stains. Among the many available – fabric, leather, faux leather, etc. – the choice should be made essentially on the basis of the quality of the material. – The choice should essentially be made on the basis of one’s own taste and the aesthetics of the furniture.

With regard to colours, on the other hand, large open spaces in which a curved corner sofa is placed are generally bright environments. This means that one can choose either light or dark sofas, without fearing that the end result will be gloomy and shadowy.

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