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Some tricks for creating a warm and cosy interior, beyond style

 cosy interior

Home should be a cosy and warm nest

One’s home must be a nest where one can return in the evening after a hard day’s work and let go of one’s worries and relax, and where one can unwind at the weekend with one’s family.

Investing time and resources in furnishing is the winning choice that allows you to have a place that speaks exactly about you, where you can be yourself. Having a warm and cosy interior is often a necessity, but defining what that means is less intuitive than one thinks.

Cosy interior is not only about style

One must start by saying that although certain styles, materials and colours convey a feeling of warmth by definition, one can create a cosy ambience with any interior design, because it is the ability to find solutions that make one feel comfortable that makes the difference.

In general terms, cosy means capable of making one feel welcome, at ease, so it can have a different meaning for everyone. So don’t limit yourself when choosing the style for your home, you can make a space cosy and intimate regardless of the style, here are some tricks,

For cosy interior, you can never go wrong with wood

When it comes to materials, the one that most strongly conveys the idea of domestic warmth is undoubtedly wood. It is no coincidence that it is used in many styles: in addition to being strong and durable and flexible for every need, it speaks of cosiness and homeliness.

It can be used for practically all furniture and all rooms, from kitchens to living rooms and bedrooms, alone or combined with other materials, even modern ones, such as metal or steel, as well as with marble and glass. Although it is particularly characteristic of styles such as classic, country, shabby chic, it is also very much present in more contemporary interior design, precisely because of its invaluable characteristics of creating a warm and cosy decor.

It can be left untreated and in its natural colour, perhaps to highlight the grain that makes it unique, or, if you prefer, painted and even lacquered and finished.

 cosy interior

Which colours to choose to create a warm atmosphere?

If wood is the main material that comes to mind when thinking of cosy interior, colours certainly play their part too. Choosing a particularly cold palette, even if it brings a charming and refined effect, is not the best decision when looking for home warmth.

What is needed is something enveloping and soothing, such as a white, which, however, on its own risks being too anonymous and can therefore be enlivened by other shades, or shades of cream, beige or taupe. Grey could appear cold and should therefore be combined with other colours. Natural wood is the colour of home warmth par excellence and goes well with any other hue. Strong, warm colours such as red or orange can also be ideal.

The importance of details in a warm and cosy interior, from cushions to the carpet

As mentioned, it is the details that make the difference. A particular painting, a family heirloom, a photograph are personal touches that make the atmosphere cosy and intimate.

On sofas and beds, to create a warm and cosy décor, soft cushions and blankets should be placed, details that can give a different touch to the entire room, a rug can be placed on the floor. Retro furniture and accessories are suitable for a cosy atmosphere.

 cosy interior

The role of lights in cosy interior

Lighting plays an important role in creating the warm and cosy decor you dream of for your home. In any interior design they should be thought about carefully, because they are an integral part of the whole and not a separate element: if you want a cosy effect, it is better to choose them softly, evenly and softly distributed throughout the spaces, with warm tones.

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