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Roomy and practical, here’s what to consider when designing corner wardrobes

corner wardrobes

Need storage space for utensils, laundry and clothes, wardrobes are essential

One detail to take into account when furnishing is that you always have a large number of utensils, linen, clothes, shoes, blankets that you don’t know where to put. Wardrobes therefore become essential, in bedrooms and in every room of the room, to allow you to store them all, safeguarding the general order of the house and helping you to find everything easily. A popular solution, which is good for different rooms, are corner wardrobes.

Corner wardrobes, chests of drawers, beds with drawers, they are all useful centimetres

When it comes to wardrobes (corner or not) or in any case storage furniture, one of the watchwords is exploitation. One tries to make the best use of every centimetre, particularly if the available space is not immense, as well as using space-saving and inconspicuous solutions such as bed chests or under benches or rooms such as corridors or entrances, which would otherwise be lost. We are no longer talking only about functional furniture, but also about design, beautiful and capable of adding an extra touch.

Corner wardrobes  are perfect for every room

Corner wardrobes can therefore be used in bedrooms, both for adults and children, where they are most often placed, in corridors, if they are wide enough (but in most cases they are long and narrow, so something linear is better), in entrances, in the living room and even in the kitchen. They allow, in any room, great flexibility: you can exploit the entire walls on which the modules rest, or make them ‘shorter’ than them, or even have one that covers the entire wall and one that does not.

Also in terms of height, you can decide whether you want corner cabinets that reach the ceiling or whether you want a lower solution. Bear in mind, however, that particularly in rooms that are not huge, a corner cupboard that is too large could visually reduce the size. If desired, customised designs are available for special sizes, for example attics or rooms with irregular heights.

How should corner wardrobes  be placed in relation to the walls?

corner wardrobes

Certainly, on an aesthetic level, this type of wardrobe favours the feeling of a warm embrace, for example when using wood, the cosy material by exception (but there are many possibilities on materials, from metal to glass and crystal finishes).

And with the right internal organisation, you really do have a lot of space at your disposal. Ideally, corner  wardrobes  should be placed between two walls free of doors or windows. If you do not have two such walls, in a large space you can also place one module of the wardrobe against one wall and leave the other ‘free’, making it a de facto room divider. At that point, the rear part can become the support for the bed or desk or turn into a fascinating bookcase or wall unit.

The importance of doors in corner wardrobes

A detail that must be taken into consideration and well thought out when designing corner wardrobes is the door, starting with space and personal taste: hinged or sliding? Hinged doors are suitable for classic rooms and allow the entire interior of the wardrobe to be seen at a glance, while sliding doors overlap, but at the same time sliding doors take up less space. For the area near the corner, a solution can be folding doors.

corner wardrobes

Shelves and lights, tricks to organise corner wardrobes better

A corner walk-in wardrobe can also be designed. The winning detail in any case is undoubtedly organisation, finding the right way to exploit every centimetre, for example with pull-out shelves or curved corner shelves. The corner area can be used to hang jackets, clothes and trousers. Consider, especially if you are thinking of a walk-in wardrobe, good lighting, especially for the deeper areas. And if size is important, full-length mirrors can be added to the hinged doors.

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