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Classicism combined with modernity: in the contemporary bedroom essentialism and relaxation

contemporary bedroom

In the bedroom you are looking for modern classicism

A room where you can relax, while at the same time doing so with class, immersed in an atmosphere that is restful but at the same time aesthetically pleasing to the eye and above all cosy and speaks of the person sleeping in it. Furnishing a contemporary bedroom means making it unique with one’s own personality, while choosing a few simple furnishings, with clean and essential shapes, without exaggeration.

The contemporary style generally combines the simplicity and clean lines that characterise the modern style, where less is more, with tradition, thus revisiting classicism in a more modern key. The same obviously applies to the contemporary bedroom, a room where you can rest with class, thanks to touches of personality given by the furnishing accessories and colours and lights designed specifically for relaxation.

contemporary bedroom

For a contemporary bedroom choose a few pieces of furniture

A bedroom, like other rooms, furnished in a contemporary style must have few simple pieces of furniture: the essentials and no more. Obviously central is the bed, which should be chosen according to taste and above all comfortable, whether it be single, double, king-size or French, or even, for those who want to be daring, a four-poster. What is important is that the shapes are linear and square, not opulent. To enrich it and give a touch of originality to the style, a headboard is very well suited. It will be the complement that will tie in with the rest of the furnishings, so choose it carefully: if it is upholstered, it will be a perfect trait d’union between contemporary and classic. If you want a solid wood bed, however, do not put an upholstered headboard, it would be too much for the minimalism required in a contemporary bedroom.

Wardrobe, walk-in wardrobe or bed with storage? As long as it’s… minimal

Another essential piece of furniture in a bedroom, regardless of the style chosen, is the wardrobe. Indeed, one needs a lot of space for one’s clothes. Everyone must organise themselves according to the available space and needs, therefore playing with corners so as not to leave a single centimetre unused. If one opts for a wardrobe, it must be simple and linear. A popular solution is the walk-in wardrobe. Those who wish can choose a model that shows the contents, with a visible walk-in wardrobe, perhaps with transparent glass. To make the space functional, a make-up corner, for example, can be introduced. Both made-to-measure models of wardrobes and walk-in wardrobes make it possible to fully utilise the space, even if the shape of the room is unusual. Practical and very comfortable is also a bed with storage, which allows for drawers without “stealing” space from the rest of the room, a positive factor when talking about a room that must be as minimalist as possible. The lines must be clean, which is why models without handles are popular.

In a contemporary bedroom then there will be bedside tables and very little else, if a dresser is desired. Don’t forget photos and prints that give a personal touch to the room, the real added bonus.

contemporary bedroom

Colours and materials for a contemporary bedroom

The guidelines are also quite precise when it comes to materials and colours. In order to be able to relax, strong colours should be avoided. Therefore, taupe, beige, grey and light colours such as sand or cream are fine. White is an evergreen for bedrooms, but the advice is to use only one shade. As a material, even for a contemporary bedroom, wood never goes out of fashion. More modern are steels and metals. In particular metal and glass, combined with wood, give a contemporary touch to an extremely classic material, just the effect you want.

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