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Classic luxury hallway furniture: what is the best choice?

Classic luxury hallway furniture attracts attention with its elegant lines and functional character. An entrance hall furnished in this way immediately conveys a refined and sophisticated atmosphere.

The details of the luxury furniture are reminiscent of the splendour of the furnishings in the old aristocratic palaces and take you back in time. The variety and size of the furnishings that can be found in this room of the house depend not only on the size of the space, but also on the character that you want to give it. Let’s see how you can impress your guests as soon as they enter through the entrance!

What are the best luxury pieces of furniture to furnish a classic entrance hall?

The protagonist of an entrance furnished in a classic style can be a simple wooden console table, with lines that recall those of seventeenth- and eighteenth-century furniture. Or the protagonist of the home entrance can be a larger piece of furniture, which not only acts as a support surface but also as a small wardrobe, in which to store coats, bags, scarves and other accessories. This second solution is more suitable for large entrances. It often includes a large full-length mirror.

Consoles are the most common solution, especially when the entrance area is small. The practicality and versatility of the classic console table means that, over the centuries, this type of luxurious furniture has become a must-have piece of furniture for those who want to show taste and elegance.

Classic console tables often have an essential structure: it is a wooden piece of furniture with a top where you can put your keys, phone or other small objects and sometimes equipped with small drawers. When you need more space to store objects, you can choose consoles with doors and open compartments. In short: this is a choice for Classic luxury hallway furniture that is certainly one of the winners!

The entrance furniture is often completed by combining the console table with a mirror, pictures or armchairs. For the mirror and picture frames, you can choose the same wood as the console table, or you can choose a metal frame. In classic furniture, it is common to find furniture with gilded details, from the handles of the drawers of the console table to the joints of the different parts of the furniture, up to the frames of mirrors and paintings or the chandelier.

Distinctive features of Classic luxury hallway furniture

Both the console tables and the classic wardrobes which furnish the entrance area are made of solid wood. The luxury models are handcrafted by experienced carpenters who work, treat and carve the wood to create unique pieces of fine workmanship.

Often durable and refined-looking woods are chosen for luxury entrance furniture. A few examples? Cherry, oak and beech. In addition to furniture made from just one type of wood, there are also some that combine several types of wood, alternating light and dark elements. The aim is to achieve a very curious visual effect.

The lines of today’s luxury entrance furniture are inspired by styles from past eras, such as the Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI styles, which recall the splendour of the French aristocratic palaces of the 17th and 18th centuries. The quality of the materials, the carvings, the panelling and the polished finish allow the natural grain and striations of the wood to be enhanced.

How to enhance Classic luxury hallway furniture?

An entrance hall furnished with luxury classic furniture has a strong personality, which must be supported by the rest of the home’s furnishings.

Ideally, an entrance hall that opens onto the living area should be accompanied by furniture in the same style. The floors and walls should also be consistent. A parquet floor or a natural stone floor, such as marble or granite, is a good solution. For the walls, you can consider traditional white paint or wallpaper in a sober style.

Classic entrance furniture is not only suitable for classically furnished homes, but can also enhance a maximalist home. In the latter case, you can combine classic luxury furniture with unique design pieces. Or you can opt for ultra-contemporary furnishing elements, obtaining a result that is very personal and original.

If you need to add one or more seats in the entrance hall, you can place a small sofa or some armchairs at the sides or in front of the furniture. Classic consoles are a perfect match for armchairs and sofas in velvet or upholstered in fine fabrics. Those who love contrasts could also choose to place a very simple chest of drawers or a vintage sofa in the entrance.

To make the entrance even more comfortable, a carpet could also be added. Luxury models in neutral tones can bring out the elegance of the entrance furniture without overloading the room. In other words: there are many solutions for Classic luxury hallway furniture. The important thing is to make a choice that harmonises well with the furniture design and philosophy.

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