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Classic kitchens with island: tradition and modernity come together in exclusive furnishing objects

Classic kitchens with island are the solution that, when it comes to furniture, more than any other manages to combine tradition and modernity.

In fact, the structure of the furniture recalls the characteristics and styles of the furnishings of the past, while the presence of the most modern technologies testifies to the important role of the present. The result is kitchens with an elegant look and a warm and welcoming character.

What makes classic kitchens with island special?

What makes classic kitchens with island stand out is the quality and aesthetics of the materials used in their construction. Wood is the great protagonist of classic kitchens, accompanied and embellished by other materials, such as copper or brass details and marble or granite worktops.

Classic kitchens have an elegant and, in some ways, imposing appearance. In addition, thanks to the use of solid wood and high-quality materials, they are long-lasting solutions. For these reasons, they should be preferred in those projects where the focus is on elegance, timeless-looking furniture and sophisticated design.

What else can be said about the classic kitchen with island? The simultaneous presence of furniture in a style reminiscent of the past, with details that recall the Baroque, Rococo or Louis XVI style, and the use of the configuration with a central island manages to balance the past and the present in a unique and original way. If you then choose to leave the appliances visible or you decide to install an induction hob, the contrast between tradition and modernity becomes even more evident and intriguing.

More than in other cases, in this type of kitchen it is the details and finishes that make the difference and emphasize the unique style of the project. Everything contributes to making classic kitchens with island special: from the presence of doors with frames to the use of furniture made of different types of wood, passing through the materials chosen for the kitchen top.

What configuration to choose for classic kitchens with central island?

Generally, you resort to the installation of a classic kitchen with central island when you are called to furnish a space with rather large dimensions. These kitchens are usually equipped with numerous wall units and occupy one or more walls of the room. Depending on the characteristics of the space, you can decide to use a linear configuration or an L-shaped solution. Even more original are the classic kitchens in which the furniture is arranged on the sides of the window.

The presence of the island increases the versatility of this type of kitchen. The central island becomes the fulcrum around which you move during the day. You can decide to use the island as a worktop and as a storage unit, or to install in the island the stove and sink. In the first case, the island performs above all a function of aggregation and becomes the environment of the kitchen in which to have breakfast with the rest of the family or stop to chat with friends while waiting for the food to be ready. If, on the other hand, you prefer a functional island to be used for food preparation and cooking, the result will be a kitchen with a welcoming and warm look.

All the advantages of classic kitchens with island

Those who choose to install a classic kitchen with island in their home particularly appreciate the elegance of the lines and the timeless charm of the styles of the past. Aiming at furniture rich in details and whose design recalls that of the furniture present in the noble palaces of the eighteenth or nineteenth century emphasizes the prestige and refinement of the environments. In addition, it transfers to the kitchen a bit of the magic that characterized those spaces.

Classic kitchens (with or without an island, it doesn’t matter) are then made with durable and high quality materials. The solid wood furniture is solid and very resistant, as well as the natural stone worktops and metal handles are almost indestructible.

Another good reason why it is worth choosing a classic style kitchen with a central island is the ease with which you can customize the configuration of the project. The island can be enriched with stools or retractable elements that allow you to extend the worktop or it can serve as an additional piece of furniture in which to store the pots and pans and dishes you use in everyday life.

The dominant colors in classic kitchens with island are the natural colors of wood, but there are also proposals in light shades and neutral tones. Thanks to the versatility of these solutions, no one prohibits you from daring with bold colors: in addition to black, to be proposed in contrast with white, you can make beautiful furniture solutions in pastel colors or with brighter shades.

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