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Classic kitchens with breakfast counter, for a functional and practical snack space

Classic kitchens with breakfast counter

From the new conception of the home, come classic kitchens with breakfast countertops

An increasingly variable room, no longer confined within the narrow confines that once imposed a worktop, cupboards, a table and chairs. There is no denying the transformation of the kitchen over the years, which has become not only the place where one cooks, but also the place where one is together, eating meals. The configurations of new flats, perhaps with open-plan realities or kitchens, or separated from the living room only by partitions, have given rise to new realities, such as kitchens with islands. Among the ideas that are popular now are classic kitchens with breakfast counters, beautiful to look at and functional for the whole family.

A kitchen suitable for eating breakfast or a snack on the fly

These are kitchen conformations that eschew traditional definitions: they are a mix between a traditionally designed room and one characterised by the island. In fact, in classic kitchens with breakfast counter, as the term itself makes explicit, there is a shelf, suitable for eating a quick lunch such as breakfast or a snack. For more elaborate and convivial kitchens, a table is usually added or an island area is created, although nothing prevents, especially in the case of limited time or families with few members, the use of the countertop.

If there is not much space, the slide top is also fine for breakfast.

The defined breakfast or snack top protrudes from the base below the peninsula. In terms of size, of course, it will depend very much on the size of the kitchen in general, but it should usually protrude at least 30 centimetres, to give the possibility of sitting comfortably and to avoid leg problems.

If the space is not huge, you can opt for a variant called a slide top, which is not a fixed surface like the countertop but rather a top that slides diagonally at 45 degrees, to be fixed above the kitchen top itself. It is smaller than the other option, and therefore constraining, in the sense that it cannot become home to appliances and can only really be used for quick meals. The worktop must have a minimum depth of 90 cm and a minimum width of 120 cm to support it. The material? The same as the worktop itself or another one, to create contrast, even with colours.

When choosing classic kitchens with breakfast counters, don’t forget… the classic

Returning to classic kitchens with breakfast counters, the top itself can be of the same material as the kitchen or another. Bearing in mind that when talking about classic kitchens, one cannot ignore the concept of harmony, integrating different materials and colours can have its charm. Usually, wood is used a lot, especially in cabinet doors, as well as stone and marble for worktops. Soft colours are chosen or the wood is left natural, to bring warmth to the room. And the breakfast table is bound to fit into this context that recalls the feeling of a domestic hearth.

What more is needed? Stools in chair mode and brightness

If you want to sit down for a quick meal on the breakfast table, provide tall chairs or, even better, stools: the height of the table top is usually around 90 centimetres. They should also be integrated with the style of the room. If we are talking about classic kitchens with breakfast counters, it is better to remain with a model that recalls the chairs, while when it must be inserted in a more modern and informal environment, one can indulge in fantasy, with models in different materials, colours, and shapes, also designed to recall the bar atmosphere. Better not to exaggerate, however, if the style is classic.

Do not forget that the counter must be illuminated. Better then to provide a point of light focused on where breakfast is served. By the way, a strong point of classic kitchens, with or without a cooktop, is the extreme brightness, also given by the colours: the counter can be no exception.

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