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The characteristics of contemporary interior design: simplicity and functionality, without excluding class

What style do you want for your home?

When one chooses to furnish one’s home, whether the project is prepared and then realised in its entirety by the person who is going to live within those walls, or whether it is entrusted to interior designers, perhaps chosen from among the world’s leading designers, it is essential to start from the style one desires. The characteristics of contemporary interior design are not, in fact, the same as those of classic interior design: it is good to know what you want to achieve and to understand which style your own tastes are closest to, as well as to which the house is best suited.

The main characteristics of contemporary interior design

So, to understand in which direction to go, it is necessary to know the characteristics of contemporary interior design. Basically, a contemporary style is based on the minimalism of lines, which are essential and clean. There is no room for the glitz of the classic style, although elements such as symmetry and harmony of lines are not neglected at all. It is simply a different way of understanding interior design. Moreover, spaces are often conceived as multifunctional, especially in the case of open-plan lofts, where the kitchen is in view of the living room and where some areas at certain times of the day are convivial and at others can be transformed into offices.

Simplicity, formal cleanliness and ductility are the main characteristics of interior design, combined with the search for state-of-the-art appliances capable of simplifying domestic chores for those who live in them, and often also surfaces that are easy to maintain and clean. A domotic house is also well thought of, where various functions can be carried out automatically from one’s mobile phone and from a distance, such as adjusting the heating or raising the shutters. But beware, this in no way excludes elegance and sophistication!

Space in contemporary interior design: airy and efficient

In terms of space, two trends can be noted among the characteristics of contemporary interior design: that of favouring and emphasising large spaces, especially in lofts, and that of saving space. It obviously depends on the needs and size of the flat. If possible, furniture is placed so as to have a single open space, where the rooms are not physically divided. If, on the other hand, the floor space is small, go for space-saving, flexible and efficient furniture, from the kitchen to the living room to the bedroom.

The shapes, whether rounded or straight and geometric, must be clean and sharp. The feeling of geometry and airiness should be favoured. To give an impression of spaciousness, solutions with large windows and perhaps even high ceilings are perfect. The functional simplicity of the furnishings will contribute to a spacious and airy contemporary home that is pleasant to live in.

For colours, dare you! Decisive contrasts and particular colours are also welcome

As far as colours are concerned, it is ideal to focus on a few, usually a couple of, contrasting shades. Shiny, bold colours are preferred, while pastel colours, so much used in modern, are not characteristic of contemporary interior design, which seeks contrasts between black and white, or bolder choices such as purple or acid green. One dares, in short.

One of the characteristics of contemporary interior design is the use of modern materials, although blends with more traditional ones, such as wood, are welcome. Modern ones include Fenix for kitchens, but also Corian and Silestone, as well as steel. If the materials are environmentally sustainable and recyclable, even better. 

From wallpaper to tiles, the perfect decorations for contemporary style

Decorations should never be excessive. Very suitable for this style are surfaces, of any material, screen-printed or airbrushed with modern motifs, which recall the shape of the furniture, with abstract or even tribal designs. As a source of inspiration, pop culture is perfect. On the walls, wallpaper and wallstickers are used a lot, while in the kitchen and bathroom, tiles can be chosen.

The key word is always simplicity and absence of excess. Among the characteristics of contemporary interior design, in fact, the most important one is simplification. Every room should be rationalised and made airy.

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