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Cement-effect modern kitchens: a furnishing trend for an original and sophisticated home

Cement-effect modern kitchens

Cement-effect modern kitchens are among the protagonists of contemporary design. Cement has been transformed from a humble material into a design element that allows the creation of practical and sophisticated kitchens.

Real cement and cement-effect ceramics find their way into all areas of modern kitchens: starting with the furniture and the kitchen top, and ending with the floor and the scullery. Let’s get to know these modern furnishing elements in detail.

Let yourself be won over by the originality of modern concrete kitchens

The strength of contemporary concrete effect kitchens lies in their appearance, which can appear rustic or sophisticated depending on the colours and materials with which they are combined.

Equally appreciated is the functionality of concrete or materials – typically stoneware and ceramics – that simulate the concrete effect as we all know it. In the kitchen, these materials are practical and versatile. They are durable and can withstand even the most intensive use. Thanks to special treatments, cement does not stain and retains its natural beauty for a long time.

The versatility of concrete means that designers can make full use of this material when designing a kitchen. Cement is perfect for the structure of masonry kitchens, but it can also be used simply for their tops.

The most interesting furnishing solutions offer modern kitchens with a concrete effect that feature materials that combine elements of wood or metal. For the floor, for example, large stoneware tiles can be used, which are made to stand out in combination with a kitchen with simple lines, in wood or steel.

The qualities of concrete can also be used for the scullery area. The resistance and the material effect of these materials allow this part of the kitchen to be decorated in an original and truly unique way. 

Modern kitchens with a cement effect, ideal for minimalist and contemporary homes

Cement is perfect for those who love a minimalist style. More generally, it is very suitable for those who want a contemporary style kitchen in their home. Concrete kitchens usually come in light colours: from the light grey of raw concrete to coloured kitchens with white or beige shades.

In minimalist kitchens, cement effect stoneware is usually used. The combination of light-coloured stoneware, white wood panels and glass details creates a very sophisticated yet elegant looking kitchen.

Another aspect to be considered by those who appreciate contemporary style is the ease of maintenance of modern cement effect kitchens. In fact, if you use stoneware or cement effect ceramics, you can benefit from all the positive aspects of cement in terms of aesthetics and the durability and resistance of stoneware or ceramics. If you opt for pure cement, you have to take into account that it is a porous material. For this reason, it is advisable to choose treated surfaces or to carry out periodic maintenance of the concrete tops using a special protective paint.

Cement-effect contemporary kitchens that are ideal for industrial-style environments

Another style that perfectly matches the characteristics of modern concrete effect kitchens is the industrial style. Houses furnished in an industrial style are created from or inspired by disused spaces that were formerly factories or warehouses. In such spaces, raw concrete is a constant presence.

Kitchens in masonry or with a concrete effect fit in very well in flats furnished in an industrial style as well as in open spaces created in a former industrial environment. Depending on how this style is interpreted, a modern concrete-effect kitchen can appear classy and designer. Or it can appear more rustic.

There is a special term, rustial, to define the style of furniture that combines the characteristics of the industrial style with those of the rustic style. Cement-effect kitchens ideal for these homes are made from cement or micro-cement left in its natural, slightly roughened state. To complete the design of the kitchen, unfinished wooden cabinets and wall units can be used and, if present, exposed bricks can be left in place.

In houses decorated in an industrial or rustic style, it is common to find modern kitchens with a concrete effect that have the natural colour of the material. Light grey or anthracite grey have the advantage of adapting to both large and small spaces.

Cement-effect stoneware surfaces in beige are particularly suitable for houses with a rustic feel, where they blend in well with the warm colours of wood and textiles.

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