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Carl Hansen & Son: elegant craftsmanship from the North

Carl Hansen & Son: elegant craftsmanship from the North

Carl Hansen & Son is considered the pinnacle of Danish interior design. In over a century of history, the furniture designed and produced by the company led by the Hansen family has furnished the most beautiful homes in Denmark and, in recent decades, has opened up to the international market. Craftsmanship, respect for raw materials and clean, elegant lines are the main characteristics that distinguish Carl Hansen & Son furniture.

Furniture born from the encounter between craftsmanship and great design

It was in the early twentieth century when Carl Hansen decided to open a carpentry workshop in which to produce custom-made furniture. A few years later, the workshop turned into the company we know today as Carl Hansen & Son. After overcoming the crisis of the thirties with some difficulty, the company began to collaborate with emerging designers. The success of the collaboration with Hans J. Wagner had a profound effect on the company’s history.

At the turn of the 1940s and 1950s, Carl Hansen & Son presented several models of chairs and armchairs, which immediately became known for their bold and innovative style. The Danish brand’s greatest success, the Wishbone chair (also known as the Y chair), is a perfect example of the successful collaboration with Wagner.

Today the company is run by the third generation of the Hansen family and over the years the range of furniture designed and produced by Carl Hansen & Son has grown. Within the Danish brand’s catalogue there is furniture for the living area, furniture for bedrooms or workplaces and outdoor furniture.

Carl Hansen & Son: elegant craftsmanship from the North

Carl Hansen & Son: simple, functional and sustainable furniture

Carl Hansen & Son has remained true to the values that have guided the founder since the beginning of the business. High-quality materials are used in the production of the furniture, which is made using handcrafted techniques. Sustainability has always been one of the cornerstones of the company’s activities. For this reason, wood from certified forests is selected for the production of chairs, tables and other furniture.

The design of Carl Hansen & Son furniture is close to the Nordic style, with simple, clean lines that manage to reconcile aesthetics and functionality. Wood is the main protagonist, flanked and enhanced by the presence of small metal inserts. The simplicity of the lines of the furniture emphasises the quality of the wood and the skill of the craftsmen.

Carl Hansen & Son: elegant craftsmanship from the North

The Nordic style that embraces the whole house

The product that most expresses the brand’s philosophy is the Y chair. This chair, created in 1949 by the young designer Hans J. Wagner, is still an iconic model of Nordic interior design today.

The chair’s success was due to a combination of factors: on the one hand, the innovative lines and, on the other, the use of woven paper cord for the seat. The simple and light structure adapts to any environment in the home and can find a place around a simple wooden table or in the bedroom, perhaps to be used next to a desk.

The Wishbone chair is available in an infinite number of colours. The basic model, in light wood, is the quintessential Danish interior design style. In pastel or bright colours, this interior design icon can furnish contemporary homes with great personality.

Carl Hansen & Son armchairs and lounges have a comfortable, enveloping structure. The wide seat invites you to relax and the softness of the upholstery materials guarantees the highest level of comfort.

The great essentiality of Danish design can be appreciated very well when analysing the Carl Hansen & Son tables. The models – rectangular, round or even elliptical – have basic lines that emphasise the role of wood and the excellence of the workmanship.

In the bedroom, the focus is on rest. The beds offered by Carl Hansen & Son are designed to make sleeping a memorable experience. The beds are sold in combination with custom-made mattresses and have padding designed to support the neck and head.

You can enjoy the quality and versatility of wooden furniture in any room of the house, even outdoors. Carl Hansen & Son’s outdoor line includes tables, chairs, armchairs and swings for the whole family to enjoy. Thanks to their elegant design, these pieces of furniture can furnish verandas, terraces and gardens, where they can create a cosy outdoor living room.

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