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Type, fabric, colours and style. Everything you need to know before buying curtains

buying curtains
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Why curtains are important

Decorative but also fundamental for shielding and enriching natural light (and we know how important the right lighting is in a furnishing, both for practicality and interior design): deciding on models, colours and fabrics when it comes to buying curtains means taking various factors into account.

The various types: what to choose when buying curtains

How many types are there? The most classic, best known and most widely used, is the gathered curtain. It consists of one or more drapes supported by a rod and/or track and is suitable for classic styles (waves are perfect for this type of décor!). Then, for more modern contexts, there are packet curtains, which are fixed to the glass, wall or ceiling, with smooth sheets that when raised form fairly soft waves that are adjusted thanks to a ring system. Finally, there are roller blinds, which use a mechanism around which they wrap.

Filtering or blackout? Depends on the room

Another detail to take into account when buying curtains is the degree of filtration you want. Filtering ones allow a lot of light to pass through, as they are made of lightweight, almost see-through fabric. Semi-filtering ones veil the light and are especially designed for rooms like the kitchen or bathroom, where light is needed. Blackout blinds are suitable for those who want privacy and wish to screen the sun’s rays to a significant degree, for example for bedrooms. For rooms where there are no blinds but only curtains, blackout blinds can be chosen with specific fabrics that completely screen out light, making it dark in the room and also insulating against cold, heat and noise.

Fabric, a detail not to be overlooked when buying curtains

As far as fabric is concerned, the most commonly used, especially when it comes to light curtains, is sheer or transparent fabric, usually polyester. For a more opaque choice, one can buying curtains  cotton, cotton-blend, linen or linen-blend. On the other hand, those who want something more special and elegant will opt for lace, which is especially suitable for classic settings that wink at retro or shabby chic. In this case, the curtains become a really important furnishing accessory, capable of truly adding a touch of design to the room, not only functional. The same goes for those who want to use velvet, brocade or blackout satin, suitable for classic interior design. This will create important and refined curtains that can change the tone of the room they are in, as well as having excellent blackout properties.

buying curtains

Every colour has its reason, from style to energy

What to do, however, with colours? The advice is to decide them according to the walls and the size of the room: light shades make small rooms look bigger and let more light through, making rooms that are not so bright. Buying curtains dark is suitable for larger rooms. Classic styles require light-coloured curtains, in more modern styles dark curtains give an extra touch of continuity to the room. White and light colours give an impression of cleanliness and elegance, playing with brown instead leads to buying curtains earth-coloured that bring a reassuring effect: tones such as beige or dove grey can also be chosen. Yellow, orange and red are energising and cheerful colours, suitable for kitchens and children’s rooms, while pink, lilac and violet are refined and perfect for bedrooms and living rooms. Blue and green instil calmness and are therefore good for rooms where one needs to relax. When dealing with colourful rooms, plain colours are better, while patterned curtains brighten up the room. But be careful: in a small room, the patterns should not be too large, otherwise they will weigh the whole room down.

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