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Brokis Balloons: designer lamps to furnish your home with great taste and class

Contemporary, refined and with an original design: we are talking about Brokis Balloons lamps, which represent a truly versatile furnishing accessory, with which you can create compositions of light capable of giving personality to every corner of the house. Let’s see why.

Brokis is a Bohemian company specialising in glass and crystal. The company, founded only a few years ago, has been able to take up the legacy of the Bohemian art of glass craftsmanship and has established itself as a major player in 21st century interior design.

Brokis: a perfect balance between history and innovation

Brokis is a success story characterised by a continuous search for a balance between past and present. The company was founded in 2006 on the initiative of engineer Jan Rabell. As we were saying, the idea on which the company was created is to interpret in a contemporary way the glassmaking tradition that has been developed for centuries in the Bohemian region. The Brokis Balloons lamps exemplify this concept well.

Through a careful research process, the Brokis designers have been able to create a collection of remarkable pieces of furniture. The brand is particularly specialised in the development of original lighting solutions: lamps and chandeliers that enrich contemporary and minimalist home interiors and bring colour and liveliness to more classic spaces.

The Brokis Balloons lamps are one of the iconic pieces in the brand’s collection. Their design is emblematic of the Brokis philosophy: they are functional lamps and at the same time are furnishing accessories that perform an important decorative function. Through the combination of different lamps, it is also possible to create original compositions, which solve the need to illuminate a particular space in the house. In addition, Brokis Balloons are valuable pieces of furniture even when they are switched off.

Balloons lamps by Brokis: a concentrate of design and tradition

The Balloons lamp model immediately catches the eye with its original shape, reminiscent of a hot air balloon. It is also striking for its design, which is halfway between traditional and contemporary. A Balloon lamp by Brokis is made of hand-blown glass and has a hand-moulded metal element inside, which gives the lamp its colour and reflects the light.

Each Brokis Balloon lamp is available in three sizes – small, medium and large, with a diameter of 28.5, 43 or 55 centimetres respectively – and the glass comes in three colour shades – clear, smoky grey and smoky brown. The reflective metal sheet inside the lamp, on the other hand, is available in numerous colours, ranging from the natural colours of the metal to more pop and bright shades. The transparency of the glass means that the electrical cable is visible. For the Brokis Balloons you can also choose the colour of this element, which is available in five variants: white, black, grey, yellow and red. Thanks to this variety, everyone can compose the ideal lamp model for their home and combine several lamps to create a special composition.

The original design of these Brokis lamps makes them an exquisite piece of furniture, which stands out even when the lamps are not in use, i.e. when they are switched off. The original design of the Brokis lamps makes them an exquisite piece of furniture that stands out even when the lamps are not in use, i.e. when they are switched off.

How best to furnish with Brokis Balloons lamps

The lamps created by designers Lucie Koldova and Dan Yeffet are innovative in many ways. They are innovative in terms of their shape, which is reminiscent of old-fashioned lamps; they are innovative in terms of their materials, which represent a mix of tradition and modernity; and they are innovative in terms of the manufacturing techniques used, which are both faithful to the artisanal techniques of glass blowing and hand moulding of metal.

The different models of Brokis Balloons can be used as floor lamps or as table lamps to be placed on furniture, consoles or small tables. The LED light of the lamp can illuminate any space in the house. 

Ballons lamps by Brokis are perfect for adding a point of light in the entrance area, can be used as a lamp in the bedroom or can find a place in the living room. A composition of Balloons lamps in different sizes and colours is a great way to illuminate and decorate a Nordic style home, for example. On the other hand, the simplicity of the clear glass lamps and the natural metal inner reflector adds a touch of originality to more traditional environments.

As with other great interior design icons, the real strength of the Balloons lamps by Brokis is their timeless style. The lamp’s soft, sinuous lines adapt to a wide range of interior design styles, while the ability of the different models to enhance the space, both when the lamps are on and off, makes them a must-have design object.

In conclusion, if you want to furnish your home in a unique and refined way, the Brokis Balloons lamps are a solution of excellent taste and great class, which we advise you to consider carefully.

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