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Brand van Egmond: masters of lighting design

Brand van Egmond creates lamps and chandeliers that are considered to be light sculptures. The creations of the brand, which was founded in the Netherlands in 1989, adorn exclusive private homes as well as hotels, offices and boutiques.

Continuous experimentation and the search for original design solutions are the stylistic features that inspire the creations of the brand’s designers and lead the Dutch brand to continuously renew its collections.

The light sculptures of Brand van Egmond

Brand van Egmond is considered to be one of the leaders in contemporary design. The company was founded in 1989 and specialises in lighting design. From the very beginning, Brand van Egmond has chosen to create lamps and chandeliers that combine design and experimentation. The result is sculptures that shed light and are made entirely by hand by experienced craftsmen.

Brand van Egmond mainly uses glass and metal for his creations, which are fused together to create waterfalls, bouquets and abstract shapes. Each model is designed by William Brand and made in Brand’s workshop in Naarden. The lamps can also be customised and made to measure. In this way, it is possible to find the perfect solutions for every kind of environment.

The company offers new collections every year, the result of careful research and constant experimentation. The innovative approach and unique design of its creations have enabled Brand van Egmond to exhibit its works in art installations and to participate in the world’s most prestigious design events. 

Brand van Egmond’s creations make every space exclusive

Brand van Egmond’s modern lamps are design creations that also add character and define the spaces in which they are installed.

Thanks to careful planning, selection of materials and painstaking production, every lamp has its own identity and is able to stimulate the senses, arousing emotion in those who enter the room. This is true both for private homes and for other contexts furnished with Brand van Egmond lamps.

In the home, there are many different environments that can be enhanced with a lamp from the Dutch design brand. A large pendant lamp can be perfect for an elegant living room. The brand’s gothic style suits a long list of furnishing styles. For example, it is ideal in combination with classic furniture, while the effect of combining it with minimalist and contemporary furniture is striking.

In the bedroom, wall lamps can be installed or floor lamps can be used to illuminate the bedside area. The reflections of light refracted off the glass create a truly suggestive effect, creating a relaxing and dreamy atmosphere in the room.

The refined lines of the Brand van Egmond lamps have also won over retailers, professionals and hoteliers. In a boutique hotel, for example, it is possible to create personalised furnishings, choosing different lamps and chandeliers for the common areas and for each room, all with a common thread. In a jewellery or clothing boutique, Brand van Egmond lamps can complement the display furniture and merchandise and underline their prestige.

How to furnish with Brand van Egmond lamps and chandeliers?

Within the collection of Brand van Egmond products, you can find various types of lamps, which can be used to illuminate spaces and, at the same time, to furnish them in an original way. Depending on the characteristics of the room and the furnishing objectives that you want to achieve, you can decide to insert in the space a pendant lamp or a ceiling lamp. Floor lamps, ceiling lamps and wall lamps are a good solution when you need to add a point of light along a wall.

Brand van Egmond’s creations have a strong personality and always stand out. In spite of their baroque and refined style, rich in details and original shapes, the brand’s proposals manage to integrate perfectly into the environment, whether in a domestic context or in commercial spaces or open to the public.

Also worth mentioning are various table lamp proposals, which can be placed side by side with design or classic style surfaces. The result is the creation of refined study or work corners or the possibility of carving out an intimate space in which to relax or devote oneself to one’s hobbies.

In addition to the many models in the Brand van Egmond collections, you can also request the delivery of customised lamps and chandeliers. The creation of made-to-measure models allows an in-depth study of the space and the design of a unique piece, designed to enhance the qualities of the environment and to meet the tastes of the customer.

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