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A boiserie for walk-in closet gives a special touch to the whole bedroom

boiserie for walk-in closet

What is the purpose of a boiserie for walk-in closet?

A boiserie for walk-in closet can be an important aesthetic enrichment, able to make the walk-in make the quality leap from a purely useful object to a piece of design furniture. If the same boiserie of the walk-in closet is applied to the whole room, the effect will be stunning! But what exactly is a boiserie, walk-in closet or not? It is a French term for a wood paneling, variously decorated and worked, or painted, of the interior walls of a room. They are inlaid, engraved, cut. At the time, in the boiserie also included paintings, but we are not talking about boiserie for walk-in closet but the decorations on the walls of large historic villas.

So, what is the function of a walk-in closet boiserie? We must start by saying that choosing a boiserie does not necessarily mean opting for something extremely extravagant. But the boiserie, in a walk-in closet, gives the possibility to the same to be perfectly integrated into the environment of the bedroom.

Not only boiserie for the walk-in closet: decorate the room too!

If you play cleverly with the boiserie, in fact, not only with the boiserie for walk-in closet, but the whole room will take an extra touch, becoming uniform in its elegance. The advice of experts is to take advantage of wood paneling to decorate and unify several components, in this case, of the bedroom, starting from the walls up to the door. And a similar speech can apply to other rooms.

Usually a boiserie for walk-in closet is made of wood

Boiseries, for walk-in closet or not, are mainly made of wood. There are also plaster and polystyrene, designed for exterior facades, not for a walk-in closet, and ceramic, suitable for a bathroom that wants to be luxurious. If you use ceramics, we talk about white boiserie, capable of ensuring the same effects as wood with a smooth and shiny surface. But to make the lion’s share in the world of boiserie is the wood, which among other things is the perfect material for boiserie for a walk-in closet.

Wood is the material that par excellence brings with it the concept of warmth and home hearth, characteristics that are well suited to the bedroom where your walk-in closet with boiserie should be inserted. In particular, we use fir, which is the most used solution, cedar, which is very sturdy, larch, which is durable, while the most valuable woods are mahogany, walnut and cherry, on the other hand the least expensive is plywood (but the effect will never be the same).

A boiserie for walk-in closet integrates it into the room

A boiserie is able to make the boiserie walk-in closet an integral part of a room, solving the problem of seeing it only as a useful object that does not bring design. Opting for a boiserie walk-in closet will mean solving a potential contrast between the convenience of the space-saving walk-in and the need for design and continuity desired for the room. There are many solutions for walk-in closets, both in size and shape, just think of horseshoe-shaped ones, angular ones as well as corner ones. And the boiserie can be applied to all these types, giving vent to creativity.

A walk-in closet with boiserie will be an integral part of the furniture and often it will not be noticed as the first element. In fact, if those who choose, for example, a walk-in closet in smoked glass want to highlight it, others prefer to hide it a bit. Just choose doors for the walk-in closet that reproduce a boiserie that will characterize the rest of the room, from the walls to the door.

Be careful not to exaggerate when choosing the boiserie for walk-in closet

Modern paneling comes in many designs, from the most elaborate to the simplest. Of course, you have to choose carefully, avoiding effects that make the room too heavy: you need good taste and proportions!

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