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Bohemia crystal chandeliers: a touch of real class in interior design projects

Bohemia crystal chandeliers

Rooms furnished with Bohemian crystal chandeliers look elegant and refined. In addition to illuminating the room, these pieces of furniture testify to the attention and care with which the space has been furnished. The chandeliers made with Bohemian crystals are in fact special objects, the result of meticulous craftsmanship, which carries on a centuries-old tradition.

The great personality of these chandeliers makes them suitable for the furnishing of traditional and contemporary houses, but also for exclusive commercial spaces. Let’s get to know the main features, in order to choose the right chandelier for your home.

What are the characteristics of Bohemian crystal chandeliers?

Bohemian crystal chandeliers are one of the highlights of classic furniture.  If you think of a large, elegant living room, you probably imagine a decor consisting of imposing wooden furniture and large ceiling chandeliers, with a cascade of sparkling crystals.

Crystal craftsmanship is a tradition carried on in Bohemia for over 800 years. The crystals used to make the chandeliers are blown and cut by hand, creating characteristic shapes with multiple facets, able to reflect light and give surprising effects and plays of light.

The most classic chandeliers made with Bohemian crystals have a central metal structure, consisting of six or eight arms, on each of which are fixed dozens of crystals, usually with a drop shape. These are important chandeliers, to be installed in equally special spaces of the house. Often, you decide to furnish with a chandelier of Bohemia crystal a living room with a strong personality, but you can also use a solution of this type to give character to the bedroom or other rooms of the house.

Depending on the choices made in terms of furnishing style, you can see a Bohemian chandelier as the main protagonist of the room or as an object that complements the rest of the furniture.

When is it appropriate to furnish with a chandelier in Bohemia crystal?

Although their appearance makes one think of traditional and classic furniture, Bohemian crystal chandeliers are very versatile and can be perfectly adapted to contemporary contexts.

It is quite common to find a chandelier made of Bohemian crystal in the living area or in the bedroom. Less common, but equally interesting, is the choice to use these chandelier models to give personality and character to an otherwise bare hallway or to the entrance area.

When evaluating which type of chandelier to install, it is good to consider the size of the room and the height of the ceiling. Large hanging chandeliers, with six or more arms, can find space in the largest rooms of the house, while, when the square footage goes down, it is more appropriate to move towards less conspicuous chandeliers.

In addition to the chandeliers in transparent crystal, you can consider the models in colored Bohemia crystal. In this case, craftsmen fuse together two layers of crystal: the inner colored one and the outer transparent one, which has the task of reflecting light.

The use of color gives crystal chandeliers a contemporary feel and makes them a great choice for bedrooms, even when going for minimal decor. In the sphere of colorful chandeliers, the choice is essentially between chandeliers with colored pendant crystals or models made of crystals that reproduce some typical decorations of Bohemian tradition.

Which environments is it suitable to furnish with a chandelier made of Bohemia crystal?

Whether it is a hanging chandelier or a wall lamp, what is certain is that a model made of Bohemian crystal never goes unnoticed. In order to avoid that the environment seems too full of elements or risks becoming kitsch, it is good to make sure that there is a good balance between the structure of the chandelier, the amount of light and the style of the furniture.

To ensure a pleasant result, the temperature of the light and the power of the bulbs are just as important as the appearance of the Bohemian crystal chandelier.

In the living room, the presence of an important chandelier can be balanced with a few accessories and sober decorations. In the bedroom, however, the presence of a large crystal chandelier can be accompanied with furniture with simple lines and neutral colors.

In addition to the domestic sphere, Bohemian crystal chandeliers can also find application in commercial spaces. Boutique hotels and jewelry stores are two of the environments that can be most enhanced by the brilliance of these chandeliers. The sumptuous appearance of these creations and the care with which they are made convey refinement and elegance, and give environments an exclusive and stately look.

From the balance between the centuries-old tradition of working with Bohemian crystals and the avant-garde of contemporary design, extraordinary creations are born, capable of enhancing the best spaces of your home. As a result, opting for a stunning Bohemian crystal chandelier model is often a winning option, setting a prestigious tone for a large number of interior design choices.

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