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Black and wood kitchen, where the original and refined contrast is played out

Black and wood kitchen

In modern kitchens, customisation is combined with the search for originality

Thanks to modern furnishing concepts and technologies, there are endless ways to customise one’s kitchen, which can be adapted to the needs, size and habits of everyone, from those who want to cook like professional chefs to those who need a particularly large pantry. With so many possibilities, in addition to efficiency, one often searches for originality, through choices of materials, colours and fine or unusual details: very elegant and special options, with great personality, are the modern black and wood kitchen.

Because in black and wood kitchen the two elements are complementary

It is a combination that is perfectly suited to the interior design of modern kitchens, as it creates a contemporary aesthetic where black, a challenging colour that is not always easy to incorporate, is muted and enhanced by wood tones.

In this way, a fascinating colour with decisive connotations is given a touch of domestic warmth, which nothing like wood can convey, creating cosy and at the same time original and captivating environments, where the combination of two different elements that know how to complement each other is at play. At the same time, an evergreen material like wood, with black at its side, is rendered futuristic and modern in its own right.

The infinite variations of black and wood in modern kitchens

Black and wood kitchen

However, when it comes to black and wood kitchen, one must calculate that the possible nuances for wood are almost infinite. In fact, it can be left in its natural, almost raw colour, as in the country style, enhancing the grain and special features. You can choose solid wood, where each piece is unique and inimitable, or opt for solid. If the natural effect is not to your liking and is considered un-modern (although in reality, with an obvious contrast, it enhances both its qualities and those of black), you can envisage a lacquer finish that modifies the tones, although at that point you create something else.

Matt or glossy, another detail that makes a difference

To give your modern black and wood kitchen a completely different and original look, you can decide between lacquer and matt, and the same goes for black. For example, the wood can be matt and the black glossy or vice versa, acting on a wide range of contrasts, decisive or delicate depending on one’s preferences.

In black and wood kitchen, beware of a combination that is too dark

The only limitation is that a particularly veined and dark wood, combined with black, the dark colour by definition, is heavy and not very bright. It is better, therefore, to pay attention to the overall appearance, with an important role also to be reserved for the right lighting or the insertion of details in another colour to break up, illuminate and lighten the whole.

When contrast is also in the materials: from wood to Fenix, steel and metal

Black and wood kitchen

Another detail that should not be forgotten is that, in a room that will be furnished on the basis of the fascinating concept of contrast, wood can also be used for the black part or play with other materials, from metal to steel to others specific to kitchens such as Fenix, or even laminates.

In short, in black and wood kitchen there are many possibilities. There is also extreme freedom on how to distribute the two elements, always bearing in mind however that black, if not softened and broken up, shrinks and weighs down the spaces. You can have the black top with other wooden kitchen cabinets and cupboards, black cabinets with wooden floors and wall coverings, with the addition of wooden details, or even the entire kitchen in wood with the tops and finishes in black.

Refined and understated, the charm of modern black and wood kitchen

Skillfully juggling the contrast, finding the right balance between the different tones, is the winning strategy! The resulting ensemble will be modern and at the same time refined and elegant in its sobriety, which is well suited to kitchens with linear and minimalist shapes, such as modern kitchens, where there is no room for anything that is not essential.

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