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Who are the best luxury interior designers?

Interior design to create unique environments

The interior designer is an increasingly important branch in the world of interior design. Often, in order to leave absolutely nothing to chance, one does not simply choose according to one’s personal taste, but calls upon specialised figures such as the best luxury interior designers, who are able to advise on how to create spectacular and refined combinations and effects.

These are specialised people, who take care of defining interior design in every smallest detail, with knowledge that touches furniture, architecture and everything to do with style. And as in every category, there are those who stand out and with their talent manage to create furnishings that are legendary and special, so much so that they in turn become a distinctive element of the home. Anyone would like to hire the best luxury interior designers, but who are they?

Jean Louis Deniot and his iconic and eclectic interiors

The names are obviously endless and as always it depends on personal taste, but there are some figures on which everyone is unanimous. For example, that of Jean Louis Deniot, mentioned by Elle Decor and AD. French, born in 1974, he founded his company in 2000 and has worked all over the world. His designs retain the same, unmistakable characteristics whether he works on an antiquated environment or a more contemporary one; they are a riot of harmony, comfort and well-being. There is never a shortage of references to bygone eras, making Deniot’s interiors iconic and eclectic, all different from each other yet united by a common matrix of extreme refinement, given also by the soft hues and impeccable lighting, which place him without a doubt among the best luxury interior designers of the moment.

East and West unite in the ideas of Kelly Hoppen

British, 44 years old, Kelly Hoppen is also deservedly included in the rankings of the world’s best luxury interior designers for many interior design magazines, with work on houses, hotels and yachts of the highest standard all over the world to his credit. In his designs he combines West and East: of the former he uses taste and of the latter order and simplicity. Both philosophies can be found in sober and elegant settings, where harmony dominates. Hoppen favours a soft, light colour palette of whites, greys and beiges, which he skilfully mixes with touches of green, pink, blue, orange and bronze.

Democratic design for all is Starck’s dream

Another well-known and popular name in luxury design is that of another Frenchman. Philippe Starck is not only an interior designer but also an architect, and in his career he has moved in different fields, including automation and the design of accessories and household appliances (a famous one is a juicer for Alessi), always pursuing his vision of the world. In his opinion it should be more impartial and fair. Design in turn is seen by Starck as something democratic that should be accessible to all. His furniture aims to be good before it is beautiful, even if it is undeniable that his designs are elitist and highly appreciated.

Different eras and scaled furniture for Wearstler, among the best luxury interior designers

Among the best luxury interior designers  is an American, Kelly Wearstler. Known in particular for her designs for a series of hotels. Declaredly inspired by Peggy Guggenheim and Doris Duke, her concept of interior design embraces areas as diverse as art, architecture, graphic design, landscape design and even jewellery. She masterfully combines different eras for one-of-a-kind settings. Wearstler does not like large pieces of furniture, but believes that different scales must be present in a home.

Corban, Rockwell and Bergamin

But the list of the best luxury interior designers certainly does not end here. Without claiming to be complete, mention can also be made of Ryan Corban with his refined lines, marble and geometry, David Rockwell and Sig Bergamin’s style that combines Brazilian modernism and antiquity, with its exuberant characterful rooms.

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