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What are the best island kitchen in 2022?

The best island kitchen arises from various needs

A choice that initially appealed mainly to young people but which then, in its simplicity and practicality, conquered everyone. In fact, it allows you to organize your space in the best possible way, both for cooking and for storing objects, as well as for eating in a different way from the usual table: the best island kitchen arises from all these needs and from the desire to furnish in a less standard and therefore more dynamic and original way.

What to pay attention to when choosing an island

A kitchen with an island presupposes a space, the island in fact, which is central and operative. Generally (but it is not a fixed rule, it can also be a simple countertop or eating surface) the cooker is placed there and at the same time the space underneath is equipped for storing objects and pots and pans. Can anyone choose to place an island in their kitchen? Basically, yes, because as you will see with the list of the best island kitchen with an island, the solution is suitable for any furnishing style. Bear in mind that, although it is also a space-saving idea, in the room you must be able to move around easily, so you need to calculate that you have enough volume to pass through, despite the island, to be able to open cupboard doors and, if you want to eat there, to put stools or chairs.

As always, the choice of styles, materials and colours is almost infinite, depending also on how the house is furnished. The island usually characterizes modern installations, but can be placed, in stylistic and material continuity, in any kitchen.

In the online results, which are the most clicked kitchens with island in the different areas of the world

What are the best island kitchen with island in 2022? Starting from the most clicked online results, in Italy a solution that even multiplies the space still wins, an indication of what one wants to achieve: the island in fact has a cooking surface in addition to a slightly lower surface where one can eat. Essential lines and the colour white, combined with a little yellow, dominate.

The most clicked kitchen with island in the USA also marries essentialism. It has a large top for eating and where the sink is placed. The kitchen, black and white, is designed for convivial time, in fact a TV can also be seen. There are no visible shelves or doors.

What, on the other hand, do the British think about the best island kitchen with an island? They click on a model where blue dominates, which as well as in the furniture is recalled in many objects, such as cups, left scattered about: attention to detail prevails, and white marble brings elegance.

In Russia, the island divides the kitchen from the living room, in a large open space (another idea to divide space is the wall). In a multifunctional home concept, there is also a comfortable sofa. The lights and some elements are suspended.

Wooden tops, like the stools and the floor, albeit of a different type, combined with white, for the most beautiful kitchen with island in San Francisco. The knobs and handles recall the wood, playing with refined contrasts.

Very daring is the most clicked kitchen in Japan, where the island is made of shiny material that reflects light and the central body is made of wood. Here, too, two materials add up to a very special play with brightness.

In Singapore, one of the best island kitchen is one in which the island itself becomes the protagonist, thanks to its square shape.

What can be understood from this list? Two colours and two materials

In summary, functionality is central to designs all over the world. Shapes are essential almost everywhere and often two different materials are combined, which also make up every detail of the entire room. White is very popular, often combined with another single colour for a harmonious result.

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