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Bespoke wardrobe: how to choose the right customised wardrobe for your furnishing needs?

Bespoke wardrobe

In many cases, a bespoke wardrobe is the best solution for making the most of the space available in the home.

A piece of furniture of this type, in fact, adapts to any kind of space and can be used as much in a bedroom as in other rooms of the house, such as living rooms, hallways and under stairs.

What are the advantages of buying a Bespoke wardrobe?

Furnishing with a bespoke wardrobe allows you to have a piece of furniture that fits perfectly into all kinds of spaces and that harmonises with the room. Thanks to its flexibility, a bespoke wardrobe can be designed to blend in with existing furniture, so that it is not only functional, but also creates an environment that is coherent and welcoming.

Customisation is the first and greatest advantage of a bespoke wardrobe. How so? Every detail can be adapted to individual preferences, starting with the material used to make the cabinet structure and ending with the colour of the external panels, and going on to the internal organisation system and aesthetic details. The combination of all the features chosen to ensure that the bespoke wardrobe responds to one’s own tastes means that the end result is a unique piece, aesthetically pleasing and capable of reflecting one’s own style and satisfying one’s own needs.

It doesn’t end there. Among the advantages of made-to-measure wardrobes one cannot ignore their ability to respond to the particular needs of those who will then have to use them. Whether you want a piece of furniture that guarantees impeccable organisation or whether you want to make a capacious wardrobe out of a bare room makes no difference: made-to-measure design  always manages to offer practicality and functionality.


Bespoke wardrobe

What needs to be decided when choosing to buy a bespoke wardrobe?

When deciding to invest in a bespoke wardrobe, the starting point is to define the dimensions and structure of the wardrobe itself. To do this, you need to decide on the location of the cabinet and carefully assess what space is available in the room. Depending on the case, you may require a linear, corner or bridge wardrobe. Sometimes you need an irregular structure, if, for example, you want to place a wardrobe in an alcove or in a wall with a sloping roof.

Together with the type of wardrobe structure, its height must also be defined. Often, those who ask for a custom-sized wardrobe opt for a cabinet of all heights. In some cases, this decision responds to aesthetic requirements, because it is preferred to fill all the available space, without leaving gaps that would be inconsistent in the overall picture. In other cases, on the other hand, one chooses a custom-made cupboard that is high up to the ceiling for practical reasons, in particular to be able to obtain additional storage space.

The style of the wardrobe is another element to bear in mind. From this point of view, many different decisions can be made, depending on the desired aesthetic result. Based on your preferences or the way you have chosen to furnish your home, you could consider wardrobes in modern, classic, minimalist or rustic styles, to name but a few examples.

How to choose a bespoke wardrobe? The main details to pay attention to

Bespoke wardrobe

When it comes to commissioning a custom-made cabinet, there are so many aspects to consider. From this point of view, making the final decision can also take a long time. In general, when it comes to furniture, it is important to make sure that the aesthetics of the individual piece of furniture are in line with what you want to achieve as an end result. So, to give a concrete example, if the wardrobe is to be placed in the bedroom, it will be necessary to assess its coherence with the bed and the other furniture in the room. On the other hand, if the furniture is to be placed in a transitory area of the house, it will be necessary to verify that there are no elements that clash with the rest of the furnishings.

Any other advice? A bespoke wardrobe must not only be aesthetically pleasing, but must also be able to meet the practical and functional needs of those living in the home. Ideally, the wardrobe should be equipped with drawers, shelves and rods inside which clothes and accessories can be distributed and organised.

Also influencing the final decision is the wardrobe opening system itself that one prefers to adopt. From this point of view, there are essentially two schools of thought. On the one hand, there are those who prefer a hinged door opening, which is more practical. On the other hand, there are those who favour wardrobes with sliding doors, which are more elegant and less bulky. Both solutions are valid and can be applied to bespoke wardrobes of various sizes. The choice essentially depends on the available space and one’s preferences in terms of taste and style.

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