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Bedside lamps: how to choose the right model for your bedroom?

Bedside lamps

Bedside lamps are one of the most important complements in the furnishing of a modern or classic or design bedroom .

While in the past these elements essentially performed a practical function, adding a light point to the sides of the bed, bedside lamps that have a multifunctional character are increasingly popular today. In this article, we will give you all the best advice for you to make a choice that is right for your furnishing style and needs.

Why is it important to choose a bedside lamp carefully?

When it comes to furnishing the bedroom, a lot of attention is focused on the furniture and the main decorative elements that catch the eye, such as carpets, curtains or chandeliers. Often, little attention is paid to the choice of bedside lamps, but wrongly so, since such lighting points can give a strong identity to the room in which one rests. 

The light emanating from the lamps makes the space more cosy and helps to create a relaxing atmosphere, which is ideal for promoting rest and ideally complementing the ambience of the sleeping area. Modern bedside lamps often allow you to adjust both the colour and intensity of the light, which allows you to keep full control of the amount of light in the room at all times.

Those who think that bedside lamps only serve to provide light should think again. In fact, most modern lamps perform functions that go beyond mere illumination and offer advanced features that are very useful from a practical point of view. In addition to lamps with dimmable light, for example, one can consider smart lamps, which can be integrated with the voice assistants used in the home, but also lamps that allow recharging the batteries of smartphones, a function performed via USB ports or wireless charging modules.

In addition to being functional, bedside lamps can also become decorative elements. By choosing models with an attractive design and made of quality materials, one can complete the furnishings of the bedroom area with an element that is both original and impactful.

What types of bedside lamps should be considered?

Bedside lamps

Thanks to the evolution of design and research into modern furnishing solutions, the universe of bedside lamps has expanded considerably in recent years and now offers a wide variety of options in addition to the classic and timeless abat-jour.

Bedside lamps are the aesthetically closest solution to the classic bedside lamp with base and shade. Table lamps come in a wide range of styles and materials and are an excellent solution if you are looking for a practical, easy-to-move and versatile piece of furniture.

The classic bedside lamp can also be replaced by a wall-mounted solution. Wall lamps or wall sconces are an interesting choice when you want to give your bedroom an original look and if you want a space-saving and easy-to-clean decoration.

Another option to consider is the addition of floor lamps. These models are a chic and contemporary option to decorate and illuminate the space. Placed next to the bed, they add a touch of design and create very dramatic diffuse ambient lighting.

Those who prefer a design solution can consider installing lamps with an extendable arm. These items not only allow you to easily adjust the angle and direction of the light, but can also take on different shapes, turning them into a very versatile piece of furniture.

How to choose the right lamp for your bedside table?

Bedside lamps

How do you identify the perfect bedside lamp for your bedroom? To do so, it is essential to consider the specific type of room and the appearance of different lamp models.

In general, the bedside lamp should harmonise with the style of the room and the other furniture elements present. In a Nordic décor, for example, you may decide to install an object with minimal lines or a design model, while in a bedroom furnished in a traditional style, you can add a bedside lamp, perhaps with elements in wood, metal or natural stone.

The choice of bedside lamp is strongly influenced by the structure of the bed. The size and height of the bedside tables can make you opt for a bedside lamp or a wall lamp, for example. If you have chosen a modern bed with integrated bedside tables, on the other hand, the most practical solution could be an option with an extendable arm.

One last piece of useful advice. You should consider the available space very carefully. The different models of bedside lamps have indeed a very variable footprint, and you should always reason on this aspect as well, in order to make the best possible choice in every furnishing context.

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