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Bedroom wardrobe: how to choose style, materials and dimensions? [Practical guide with tips].

Bedroom wardrobe

Choosing a bedroom wardrobe is an important moment in any customer’s furniture choices. Consequently, there are many decisions to be made.

For example, you have to identify the type of structure best suited to the room, but also decide what type of internal organisation the wardrobe should have and what external appearance is most consistent with the other furniture in the room. In short: the choice is not trivial! And that is why we thought of writing this guide to wardrobes for bedrooms. Happy reading!

The size and style of a bedroom wardrobe

The wardrobe is, together with the bed, the element that most characterises the look of the room in which you sleep, both when it is placed in front of or to the side of the bed and when it is placed in a separate cubicle.

There are two points to start from when defining the ideal look and characteristics of the bedroom wardrobe. First of all, you need to assess the space available and, secondly, the storage requirements you have. Those who have a rather minimal wardrobe are at an advantage in their choice, because they can select their favourite model of wardrobe without worrying too much about the overall dimensions and internal capacity of the wardrobe.

When defining the dimensions of the wardrobe, one should not only consider its height, length and depth. The size of the door or drawer opening also matters a great deal, and influences the usability of the room for sleeping. Making sure that there is sufficient space to pass in front of the wardrobe, even when drawers are open and doors are wide open, is a common sense rule that helps to furnish the location in the best possible way.

In small rooms, a solution for furnishing with an elegant wardrobe, without sacrificing practicality, is to choose a ceiling-high structure, even made to measure. In fact, a cabinet of this type makes it possible to exploit every inch of available space and allows you to have a bedroom wardrobe that is functional and gives personality to the whole room.

In modern interior design, the wardrobe is often interpreted as a multifunctional piece of furniture. It is no longer just a space in which to organise clothes and accessories, but is the authentic protagonist of the room’s décor. Following this philosophy, the bedroom wardrobe is enriched with TV stand modules, walls to be used as bookcases and storage compartments.

Bedroom wardrobe

What is the ideal structure and internal organisation of a bedroom wardrobe?

The external structure of the bedroom wardrobe not only influences the aesthetic appearance of the furniture, but also its functionality. The most classic option is a wardrobe with hinged doors, which is perfect for both traditionally furnished and more contemporary rooms.

Wardrobes with sliding doors are a good alternative for those who prefer a modern style. They are also the most practical solution when space is at a premium and when there is a need to reduce the amount of space occupied by the wardrobe.

Doorless wardrobes are one of the recent trends in interior design. They are often small-sized wardrobes that leave the entire wardrobe in view. The essential structure of such furniture suggests a minimalist approach to interior design and puts the content of the wardrobe at the centre of attention.

Focusing on the internal organisation of a bedroom wardrobe is just as important as the choice of its structure. In this sense, contemporary wardrobes are often organised with modular solutions, which can be adapted to a wide variety of needs. Drawers, trays, shelves and rods can be added, to be used for tidying up and storing clothes, accessories and furnishings. Often, the modules can also be moved, allowing for complete customisation of the wardrobe.

You may also decide to request a made-to-measure wardrobe. In this case, you can define in detail its dimensions, the type of opening and the elements that must be present inside it.

Bedroom wardrobe

What are the best materials and design for a bedroom wardrobe with a modern style?

Most wardrobes are made of wood. Available in both solid wood and coated wood, these cabinets are valued for their durability and elegant, sophisticated appearance. In more modern structures, wood is often proposed in combination with metal elements.

When you need to increase the brightness of the room, you can also add mirrors. Especially when wardrobes with sliding doors are chosen, mirrored doors are a good idea to reflect natural light and create an optical illusion that makes the room appear more spacious.

As for the design of the bedroom wardrobe, the choice depends largely on the way the room is arranged and the size of the furniture. In addition to the linear configuration, which is simple and elegant, you can consider a corner configuration, which is perfect in all cases where the room is large and you need a large wardrobe.

One last piece of advice. When the available space does not allow for a corner configuration, a bridge configuration could prove to be excellent. In fact, placing part of the wardrobe in the back wall of the bed makes the best use of space and allows you to design a bedroom wardrobe that exactly meets your needs. 

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