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Baxter tables: design excellence to make your home unique

Baxter tables: design excellence to make your home unique

Baxter offers tables that combine design, high quality materials and functionality. The different models in the collection are designed to furnish every space in the home: in addition to tables to be placed in lounges and living areas, there are small tables that can be placed near the sofa as a support surface or used as bedside tables and tables perfect for outdoor use.

Baxter tables: excellence signed by the best international designers

Since its foundation in the early nineties, the Baxter company has focused on excellence and the search for original solutions to renew interior design. Baxter tables are an excellent example of the philosophy that guides the company’s choices.

Baxter has collaborated with some of the most famous and respected contemporary designers to create its tables. Baxter has always been careful to select the best technologies to be used in the manufacture of its design products, resulting in tables of excellent workmanship, made of refined materials and with lines that catch the eye.

When furnishing the living area of the home, the table plays a key role. It is the main reference point for all social occasions, whether it is a family meal or a party with friends. The style and materials chosen for the table contribute to defining the atmosphere in the home and to organising the spaces used for various daily activities.

Baxter tables: design excellence to make your home unique

Make your home more precious with a Baxter table

When choosing a table model it is important to consider different geometries and materials. Don’t forget to consider the overall design of the table as well as the details. The Baxter table collection is aimed at various types of customers: from those who like tables made entirely of a single material to those who like to mix shapes and materials that are very different from each other.

The right table can radically change the face of a living room or living area. What would the room look like with a hexagonal table with a marble top and concrete base or a large oval marble table with a leather-covered base?
Baxter’s flagship models include, for example, the Cairo table, designed by Paola Navone and made entirely of tinned copper. The contrast between the circular shape, the shine of the metal and the details provided by the hand-hammered workmanship makes this model ideal for furnishing a modern space or for introducing design elements into a more classic environment.

Originality and excellence of materials are also characteristics of the Selene model, designed by HagitPincovici. This model is the result of the encounter and fusion of different shapes and materials. The top is made of lacquered MDF and at one end there is a circular marble insert. The linearity of the top is interrupted by the passage of the brass structure, which supports and gives character to the model.

Baxter tables: design excellence to make your home unique

How to choose the best Baxter tables for your furnishing project

The list of Baxter table models to choose from is very long. To identify the perfect model, first of all, you can clarify the characteristics of the space in which the table will be placed and what are the functions it will perform.

For the outdoor areas of the house, the Jove models designed by Draga & Aurel and Matera by Paola Navone are the ideal choice. The former is made of a mix of cement and marble grit, while the latter is made entirely of Palladian. Elegant and resistant, they can furnish gardens, terraces and verandas with class.

When moving around the house, you have to consider both the size of the room and the style you want to give to the environment. The Bourgeois table is a perfect solution for those who love the combination of classic and contemporary design. The table top is made of solid ash or walnut wood, with a single central cast iron foot. Available in round or oval versions, it can be used as a dining table, a table for the meeting room or a small table to be placed next to the sofa.

In addition to the timeless charm of marble, it is also possible to opt for different and charming materials such as quartzite, onyx, granite or metal. The refinement and versatility of Baxter tables really do allow various furnishing possibilities for your home.

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