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Baxter leather sofas bring the class of authentic Made in Italy design into your home

Baxter leather sofas bring the class of authentic Made in Italy design into your home

Founded in Brianza in the early nineties, Baxter is today an excellence in Italian design. Baxter leather sofas are unique products, designed to furnish with style all environments and the most exclusive homes. Each model is the result of the encounter between the leather-working skills of craftsmen and the creativity of the most prestigious international designers. Let’s see why this is true.

The philosophy of Baxter leather sofas

Rather than taking inspiration from different furnishing styles, the Baxter company makes sure that its creations arouse emotions and moods in the people who will use those sofas. In fact, in addition to the comfort and aesthetic beauty of the product, the feelings that arise from interaction with the furniture element are taken into consideration.

From this point of view, Baxter leather sofas are more than just an item of furniture in the room, they become an integral part of the atmosphere in the home and, in some ways, represent a “living” component of the furnishings.

All the sofas are made from high quality leather, carefully selected to ensure excellent levels of resistance and elasticity. The leathers are of Northern European origin and are tanned and treated in Italy, using the experience and technical knowledge of qualified craftsmen.

For the colouring of the leathers, Baxter uses natural anolines, with a low environmental impact and able to enhance the properties of the leather, giving the sofa a truly inimitable look.

The collections of these leather sofas are created in collaboration with established international designers. Each of them interprets the concept of the sofa in a different way, modelling it on the basis of their own creativity. Among the Baxter proposals, there are models inspired by classic lines and leather sofas with innovative shapes. A look at tradition and one at the future, then.

Baxter leather sofas bring the class of authentic Made in Italy design into your home

Which Baxter leather sofas should you choose for your home?

The more traditional models are inspired by English-style sofas. The large and spacious Chesterfield sofas become the basis for elegant and refined models. Baxter leather sofas Alfred or Chester Moon can be placed in both classic and industrial style homes.

The Alfred model is probably the most emblematic of Baxter’s production. With an avowedly vintage look, it was designed by Marco Milisich and made of antiqued leather. Specifically, the manual processing of the leather produces an ever-changing result, making each sofa model a unique piece.

The Chester Moon model is designed by Paola Navone. This piece represents the perfect encounter between past and future. It immediately stands out for its capitonné workmanship, but deviates from tradition with its simple lines, which are well suited to homes furnished in modern styles.

Thanks to the wide range of colours, you can emphasise the more traditional sides of the sofa by choosing one of the many natural shades of leather, or emphasise the lines of the sofa with a more unusual shade.

Baxter leather sofas bring the class of authentic Made in Italy design into your home

However, there is also more to say. For example, Baxter modular leather sofas are the best choice for those who want highly customisable furniture that can adapt flexibly to space. The modular models are ideal for larger homes, such as lofts. Baxter offers leather sofas in various sizes and structures, capable of adapting in a particular way to homes furnished in a contemporary style, but also to homes where the sofa is the main piece of furniture in the living area.

There are at least two advantages offered by the choice of a modular sofa. On the one hand, there is the possibility of breaking down the sofa, creating for example two different relaxation areas within the room. On the other hand, there is the possibility of choosing different coloured modules. You can select colours in scale, for a pleasant graduated effect, or you can replicate the colours present in furniture and accessories already in the room.

Finally, we must not forget the Baxter leather sofas with more original lines, an expression of the designers’ capacity for innovation. These elements are ideal in an environment furnished in a retro or eclectic style. We are talking about sofas that offer minimal seating, but also sofas that look like a contemporary version of the old dormeuse.

The creativity of the designers who collaborate with Baxter and the passion for leather that drives the Bestetti family’s activities multiply the possibilities of choice. At the same time, this helps in the search for the perfect leather sofa for your home.

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