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Baxter Italia: protagonists of interior design Made in Italy

Baxter Italia

In today’s article, we have the pleasure of presenting Baxter Italia, one of the symbolic companies of Made in Italy design. This world-famous brand, established in 1990, makes the search for innovative solutions, a passion for design and the use of top quality materials the cornerstones of its production.

In just over thirty years of history and collaborating with some of the most prestigious international designers, Baxter has written some of the most important pages in the history of design. And even today, it continues to offer furniture and furnishing accessories that stand out all over the world for their elegance and refinement.

Baxter: the harmony and quality of design

The story of Baxter Italia is the story of two brothers, Luigi and Paolo Bestetti, who are united by their love of design and beauty. The company was born in Brianza, a geographical area that is historically specialised in the production of furniture of excellence.

From the earliest days, Baxter concentrated on the production of leather furniture, especially sofas and armchairs, made of the highest quality materials  and assembled by the hands of expert craftsmen. With such premises, it did not take long for Baxter’s products to make their mark everywhere, until they became an international icon of the best Made in Italy design.

The growth of the brand has been such that today the company collaborates with various designers, some of whom are among the most famous and most appreciated contemporary professionals. The aim is to create collections of furniture and accessories to furnish various rooms in the home. We refer to sofas, armchairs, beds, tables and chairs, lighting systems, accessories and complements. The common denominator of this varied offer? A very high and unquestionable quality.

Specifically, leather is the main protagonist of the sofa and armchair collections. However, there is no lack of wood and glass furniture. In particular, the search for innovative furnishing solutions leads the company to continuously renew its collections, integrating even unusual materials, such as those obtained by combining natural stones and certain types of resins. Attention is also paid to new finishes, as in the case of antiqued or brushed metals.

Each of Baxter Italia’s furniture is designed with a specific need in mind: that of bringing furnishings into the home that are capable of improving the quality of living and that always guarantee a harmonious result.

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Baxter Italia

The tension towards continuous experimentation that leads to unique creativity

There are elements that make the brand unique, since they are the beacon of its production. These distinctive elements are worth a few words. To begin with, one of the distinguishing features of Baxter Italia is its design, which is extremely creative and original. In some cases, we could even define it as daring. It is no coincidence that the Italian company is renowned for its willingness to experiment, both with materials and shapes, always pushing the boundaries of interior design a little further. The results of such a creative effort? They are there for all to see, because the brand always manages to come up with unique pieces that combine striking aesthetics with completely impeccable functionality.

An example of the aforementioned tension, that is to say, of this stylistic signature that represents an authentic trademark, can be found in the leather sofa collection. Baxter works exclusively with fine leathers, subjecting them to innovative tanning processes. The aim is to create furniture that not only looks amazing, but also stands out for being among the most comfortable on the market.

All this is done with maniacal attention to detail, as we have already observed. And it could only be so, as each piece is handmade by skilled craftsmen, who work with the very intention of ensuring that lucky buyers receive a product that is perfect in every detail. This handcrafted approach really comes through strongly, so much so that it is evident in every seam, every finish and every detail of any Baxter furniture or accessory.

On the other hand, Baxter Italia itself is very clear on its institutional website about the creative direction that the brand intends to follow: “the pleasure of variety, the exception in the rule, the same that embraces the world of fashion or art, which opens the door to a modern eclecticism that expresses itself in the balance between tradition and avant-garde and in the contamination of signs, colours, materials and finishes”. The philosophy of the famous interior design brand is reflected in these lines, which represent a true manifesto of intentions: “At the basis of everything is the freedom of the creative process, the ability to generate, with original combinations, timeless ideas, which are the fruit of incessant research and which, thanks to variety and customisation, anticipate trends and pander to even different tastes”.

Baxter Italia

Some examples of iconic products, the result of great passion and maniacal research

Some of Baxter’s creations have now become icons of modern interior design. We refer for example to the Budapest sofa, designed by Paola Navone, and the Diner armchair, designed by Piero Lissoni. These are two of the Brianza company’s most famous products, also because they are capable of furnishing the interiors of homes, offices and hotels with great class.

Like other Baxter Italia products, these creations focus on mix and match, that is, on the encounter between different materials, which are combined to express a precise mood. For example, in the Budapest sofa, the encounter is between the strength of leather and the softness of Plume leather. The result is a sofa with an elegant yet simple line and an extremely comfortable seat. The Diner armchair also offers a comfortable and enveloping seat, thanks to the combined use of very soft leather and a padding consisting of polyurethane foam and goose feathers.

Baxter Italia’s mix and match philosophy can be appreciated even more in the table collections, where the combination of natural stone and metal dominates. The iron or brass structures are surmounted by a large top in marble, granite, travertine or quartz. The various finishes of the metal, left polished, matt or antiqued, offer numerous possibilities of choice and make it easy to find the model that best suits your interior design project.

The harmony of Baxter Italia’s creations for furniture that is always admired

Baxter Italia

Harmony is the central element of Baxter’s philosophy, the one that guides the Brianza-based company and its designers in designing furniture and accessories of superior quality and taste. In this sense, even the most unusual combinations are proposed with the final result and the ability of the mix to be elegant and balanced in mind. And this, ideally and practically, applies to every context in which that mix fits.

For example, one can choose to furnish the entire room with Baxter furniture, for example by placing a leather sofa, a dining table and matching chairs next to it. On the other hand, one can draw from the brand’s collections the highlight of the room’s furnishings, the one that will be the focal point of the location’s furnishing project. In the case of a living room, it may be a sofa – with a fixed structure, for more traditional designs, or modular, for those who desire contemporary furnishings – that ensures comfort and refinement. In the rest of the living area of the house, you can intervene with complements or you can decide to install one of Baxter’s splendid chandeliers. In both cases, these are creations with design down to the last detail and at the same time offer an excellent user experience.

In the bedroom, the beds by Baxter Italia offer the guarantee of an excellent rest and are perfect for those who wish to furnish this space of the home with a piece of design furniture with simple and contemporary lines. Furthermore, the padded headboard and the use of soft leather for the structure make these beds very pleasant, both to the touch and to the eye.

In conclusion, we can say that what inspires Baxter Italia in each of its creations is the search for the perfect balance between creative ideas, simple and functional lines and materials of exceptional quality. Every piece of furniture and every furnishing accessory is designed to offer a pleasant user experience, in a continuous reinterpretation of past and present. Has this philosophy paid off? Absolutely, as the Brianza-based brand is now one of the leading exponents of Made in Italy in the field of interior architecture.

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