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Baxter Chester Moon sofa: a piece of Italian design history

Baxter Chester Moon sofa: a piece of Italian design history

Baxter, with its Chester Moon sofa, has written a new chapter in the history of Italian design. It is a model that immediately established itself as a style icon. Launched in 2009, it has climbed the sales charts and become one of the most popular sofas among interior design enthusiasts. The merit is undoubtedly the excellent quality of the materials it is made of, but above all its lines, which are both inspired by the past and projected towards the future.

The Chester Moon sofa: classic elegance meets the future

The design of Baxter’s Chester Moon sofa was created by Paola Navone, one of the best known and most appreciated contemporary designers. In both name and style, the sofa she has designed for Baxter pays homage to a classic model from the English tradition: the Chesterfield model.

Both of these types of sofas catch the eye because of their capitonné workmanship. The Chesterfield model became popular in the British Isles during the 19th century and at that time it was quite common to find one in middle to upper middle class homes or offices. The soft leather seat and stitching gave the sofa a very elegant look and timeless appeal.

Baxter’s Chester Moon model takes the salient features of the Chesterfield sofa and enhances its beauty even further. The capitonné workmanship extends over the entire surface of the sofa, from the seat to the back to the back of the furniture. This detail makes the Chester Moon model perfect to be placed in the centre of the room, because its aesthetics can be appreciated from every angle.

Baxter Chester Moon sofa: a piece of Italian design history

A sofa with a simple structure and great elegance

The Chester Moon sofa by Baxter has a linear structure that can be adapted to different furnishing styles. The sofa is available with only one linear three-seater configuration and can be requested in different lengths. The height of the backrest and the depth of the sofa are fixed, while the length varies between about 2 metres and about 4 metres.

The structure of the furniture is in wood, while the padding is in polyurethane foam, a light material that guarantees an excellent level of comfort. The strong point of the Chester Moon sofa, however, is its outer covering, made of soft leather worked entirely by hand. Baxter’s craftsmen sew the leather by hand, gradually creating the capitonné effect.

Chester Moon sofas are available in dozens of colour variations. In addition to considering the colour that best suits the environment of your home, you must also take into account the resistance of the leather, choosing a type of upholstery that is suitable for the intended use of the sofa.

Besides giving the sofa a refined and retro look, the capitonné work creates an original play of light and shadow. Especially when the sofa is placed in very bright rooms, because flooded with natural light or because there are several sources of artificial light, it is possible to fully appreciate all the possible shades of the leather.

Baxter Chester Moon sofa: a piece of Italian design history

How to furnish your home with a Chester Moon sofa

With its look inspired by the sofa symbol of nineteenth-century English design, the Baxter Chester Moon sofa is the ideal choice for those who want to furnish their home in a classic style or who want to include a classic piece in a furnishing project that mainly includes furniture with a contemporary design.

While maintaining the essential characteristics of the classic sofa, Paola Navone has succeeded in creating a modern model that adapts in a versatile manner to various furnishing styles. The classic structure and capitonné workmanship are perfect in a large living room furnished in an industrial style, for example, but can also find a place in more eccentric homes and even in the bedroom area.

Thanks to the stitching also present on the back of the sofa, the Chester Moon model is also an excellent solution for furnishing an open space environment. The sofa, at the centre of a larger space, becomes the great protagonist of the scene and stands out for its originality. The result is a guaranteed effect in the furnishing.

Baxter’s Chester Moon sofa is available in many different colours. This allows everyone to adjust the temperature of the room. For a classic or rustic style home, colours from the warm colour spectrum are more suitable, while for a contemporary and industrial environment you can choose from cooler colours, to be combined with the Chester Moon armchairs and ottomans or with other types of furniture.

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