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Baxter Budapest soft: a sofa that is a design icon

Baxter Budapest soft sofa

Budapest soft is one of Baxter’s best-selling sofas, which is itself one of the most important brands of modern Italian design. Designed by the famous designer Paola Navone, Budapest Soft is a sofa that offers superior comfort and innovative lines, perfect for furnishing large and welcoming spaces.

What are the strong points of the Baxter Budapest soft sofa?

What distinguishes Baxter’s Budapest Soft sofa from all other sofa models offered by brands specialising in interior design? First and foremost, it is the excellent materials with which the product is made. The soft leather used to upholster the sofa guarantees extraordinary comfort and makes the seat cosy and inviting.

The structure in poplar and fir wood is solid and resistant, while the padding in differentiated density polyurethane foam ensures that the backrest and seat are soft and adapt to the shape of the body.

The sofa is interpreted as a space in which to carve out carefree moments, alone or in the company of friends and guests. The structure of the furniture is therefore spacious and modular, so that you can define the best possible configuration, taking into account your needs and the characteristics of the space to be furnished.

Budapest soft by Baxter is a sofa created in 2009, designed for the Italian brand by Paola Navone. The furniture is part of a collection that also includes the Budapest and Budapestair models. All the models in the collection are in leather, but only the soft version has a modular structure.

To complete your living room or lounge, you can enhance your Budapest soft sofa model with soft goose-down cushions. If you wish, you can also add poufs or dormeuse from the same line.

Budapest soft by Paola Navone: a contemporary sofa with a refined taste

Paola Navone has designed several pieces of furniture for Baxter, intended for indoor and outdoor use. The elegance and refinement of the designer’s creations are enhanced by the very high quality of the materials and the skill of Baxter’s craftsmen. Budapest soft is the first sofa that the famous designer has created for Baxter.

Many of Paola Navone’s creations contain elements of oriental culture and tradition, perfectly blended with western philosophy and taste. For example, the essential, fluid forms of her designs are inspired by the East. The care in the selection of materials and the aesthetic refinement are typical of the West. The meeting of these two realities gives rise to highly refined furniture, suitable for young and contemporary environments, as well as spaces with a more classic flavour and oriented towards high-level design.

The standard compositions of the Budapest soft sofas by Baxter measure 240 or 300 cm in length and have a depth of 110 or 140 cm. Those wishing to furnish spaces with different proportions or volumes compared to the usual ones can customise the structure of the sofa, composing their own personal version of Baxter furniture.

How to best furnish spaces with the Budapest soft sofa by Baxter

The softness of the seat and the simple and modern lines of the Budapest soft sofa by Baxter make it a perfect choice to add a touch of design to the furnishing of the living area.

Thanks to the modular structure, the sofa can be customised both in size and composition. This means that you can decide which and how many elements to add and how to position the sofa to best enhance the qualities of the room.

In a large open-plan living room, the Budapest soft sofa can be placed in the centre of the room, creating a perfect space in which to welcome friends and family. In more intimate environments, the sofa can instead be positioned close to the wall, creating a neat and intimate space in which to relax at the end of the day or during leisure time.

Colour plays an extremely important role in the furnishing of the living area. For the Budapest soft sofas, Baxter has chosen a special technique for processing the leather, which is dyed as if it were fabric. Thanks to this solution, the leather used to upholster the Budapest soft sofas retains its exceptional softness and is available in surprising shades of colour. From the lightest to the darkest nuances, everyone can find the perfect shade to furnish their living room in a unique way.

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