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Bathroom renovations: what are the steps? How to make the right choices? [Step-by-step guide].

Bathroom renovations

Bathroom renovations are one of the most delicate interior design tasks. In some ways, they are perhaps the activity that requires the most care in home renovation.

Indeed, pitfalls lurk around the corner: making the wrong choices is all too easy. Yet mistakes pay dearly, because remedying them is often complicated and entails not inconsiderable additional costs, which risk exceeding the budgeted budget by a large margin.

Il Piccolo offers you this step-by-step guide to bathroom renovations, so you can understand what they consist of, how they are designed and executed, and how to make the best choices yourself if you have to renovate the bathroom in your home. In this way, you can transform your bathroom into a space that fully reflects your personal style and meets the needs of you and your family members. Let’s not waste any time and start our journey now!

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Bathroom renovations

The 10-step guide to bathroom renovations

All bathroom renovations follow a pattern, which is what we give you below. There are no steps that are more important than others: each step must be carried out with great care and extreme efficiency in order to deliver the best possible interior design for your bathroom.

1.           Planning and budgeting

In bathroom renovations, the first thing you need to do is to make a thorough assessment of your living requirements for the bathroom: who will use the room? What furniture will it have to accommodate? Which sanitary fixtures should be part of it? And in what specific location? In what style should it be designed? With what dimensions? And what accessories will have to be present? And what kind of finishes will be essential? These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself. Next, you need to establish a realistic budget for the work. (During the execution of the renovation, it will be your task to keep track of the expenses on time and to check that your interior supplier sticks to the budget).

2.           Designing the new bathroom

Firstly, the interior designer to whom you have entrusted the renovation work carries out a study of the project, taking into account the available space, your tastes and your specific living requirements. On this basis, your appointed professional selects the most appropriate interior design, including materials and colours.

3.           The inspection and demolition of the old bathroom

In this phase, your interior designer inspects the bathroom in its current condition to assess the presence of any structural or plumbing problems. Then his team of craftsmen proceeds to dismantle the old tiling, furniture, fixtures, fittings and all related accessories. He does this in a way that does not damage the structure of the room.

4.           Plumbing and electrical renovation

When Bathroom renovations, it is all too easy to forget that modernisation work must also include plumbing and electrical installations, which must be brought up to current standards. This is an important part of the project execution, and should always be entrusted to specialised personnel.

5.           Surface preparation

In this phase of the work, the walls and floor of the room are levelled. This is basically the work that serves to prepare the room to receive the new wall coverings and all the rest of the furnishings. At the same time, the various surfaces are sealed and waterproofed to prevent water infiltration.

6.           The installation of new furniture and sanitary ware

This is a part of Bathroom renovationsthat everyone is familiar with, because it is the most common. It is in fact the moment when the installation of new wall and floor coverings begins. Immediately afterwards, the furniture and sanitary fixtures – the toilet, bidet, shower, bathtub, washbasins, etc. – are placed. -, with all its accessories. In essence, it is here that the new bathroom begins to take shape.

7.           The Finishes

And here the modernisation work in your bathroom comes into its own. It is now necessary to paint the walls and ceilings in the colours envisaged in the project. This is where you think about installing the lighting, placing the various lighting points provided for in the project. At this stage, you also install the mirrors, taking into account all aspects that are related to the functionality of the room.

8.           Details and decorations

When bathroom renovations are carried out in a workmanlike manner, they must also focus on certain details which, for the inexperienced, can be misinterpreted as insignificant. Specifically, this is the moment in the renovation when the most particular accessories are installed – which are then those that will help to give the room a strong character – such as taps, door and window handles, soap dishes, towel rails, shower curtains and all the other details that have both a practical and decorative function.

9.           End-of-work cleaning

Once the modernisation of the room has been completed, the interior design company that carried out the work will also carry out a final cleaning of the room. This is so that the bathroom can be handed over to the client in its ideal condition. The aim is that the homeowner can use it immediately, without having to do any further cleaning work himself.

10.         The final inspection

Bathroom renovations must all conclude with an inspection, which is conducted directly by the project manager. He or she ensures that all work has been carried out in a workmanlike manner, that the furniture and accessories actually have the expected style and quality, and, in general, that everything is up to standard and functions properly. Only after a positive outcome from the inspection can one realistically speak of a completed interior project ready to be handed over on a turnkey basis.

Bathroom renovations follow all of these ten steps, without exception. As you can see for yourself, there is a real method to this delicate task. It is good for you to know this, because the choice of your interior designer must also be based on the perception of competence and reliability that he can communicate to you.

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Bathroom renovations

Some Bathroom renovationstips

Having defined the various steps involved in modernising a bathroom, we would like to share with you some tips for successfully renovating this important room in the home.

Firstly, when Bathroom renovations you should always opt for high quality materials. This is a must for floors, walls, tiles and sanitary ware, for example. Why do we say this? The reason is simple: quality materials resist wear and tear and moisture better, while guaranteeing a long service life.

Also, try to maximise the available space. What do we mean by this? We explain by giving an example. If your bathroom is small in size, choose solutions that make the most of the square footage. Otherwise, the room will be sacrificed too much in its daily use. To succeed in this, consider installing wall-hung bathroom furniture to free up floor space. Or, if it is just not possible to enlarge the location, consider installing large mirrors: this is a design stratagem that will give the perception of greater spaciousness.

Also, do not forget that the lighting must be adequate. In bathroom renovations, you must therefore make sure that there is a good harmony between the general lighting and the specific lighting points, especially in the mirror area. We would like to remind you that LED lights are very energy-efficient and offer bright and clear illumination.

Lastly, we would like to emphasise the need for effective ventilation to prevent the formation of mould and, in general, the accumulation of moisture. So make sure that the Bathroom renovationsproject includes an adequate ventilation system. And that the latter is strategically placed so that it can successfully remove all traces of unwanted moisture.

Bathroom renovations

Let’s sum up…

We have seen that bathroom renovations are a rather delicate subject. Indeed, on the one hand, modernising the bathroom can be a very rewarding task, but on the other hand it is certainly challenging. However, by following our guide and advice – especially when it comes to planning the work – you can transform your bathroom into a space that reflects your style and, at the same time, the living requirements of you and your family.

Before we finish, we would like to share with you one last tip, perhaps the most important one of all. When you need to study a renovation project, always entrust it to qualified professionals, i.e. those who can make a real difference.

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