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Bathroom design tiles: how to make the right choice?

Bathroom design tiles

Today’s post is dedicated to bathroom design tiles. We will give you a real guide on how to choose the perfect bathroom tile design, which is essential to create an attractive and functional ambience.

First of all, it is essential to consider the desired atmosphere for the room. If you want to design a bathroom that is relaxing and create a small spa in your home, you could opt for tiles in neutral tones and textures inspired by nature. Conversely, for a modern, dynamic style, you could opt for bolder, more contemporary designs.

How can you find the right bathroom design tiles?

The overall style of the space is the starting point for finding the right bathroom tiles. Designer tiles should not only look elegant and distinctive, but should also reflect the overall style you want to give the room and blend harmoniously with the overall design of the house.

If the bathroom and, more generally, the house is characterised by a minimalist style, one could opt for light-coloured tiles with a clean, linear design. In the case of a more traditional style, on the other hand, tiles with warm colours and classic motifs might be the most suitable choice.

When choosing bathroom design tiles, it is always worth taking a look and being inspired by current interior design trends. Scrolling through the pages of design magazines, browsing through articles on specialised websites and peeking at solutions for similar projects can provide interesting ideas for finding the right solution.

Another aspect to consider when finding the ideal designer tiles is the necessary balance to be created between walls and floors. If you choose tiles with a bold design for the floor, for example, it might be a good idea to balance them with more neutral walls to create a balanced and visually pleasing effect. On the contrary, if you want to be daring with coloured tiles on the walls, you can opt for a simple and essential floor.

The process of finding the right design for bathroom tiles requires a holistic approach, which takes into account the desired atmosphere and overall style of the home, but also interior design trends and the balance between walls and floors.

Bathroom design tiles

Which materials and colours to choose for bathroom design tiles?

In the process of selecting designer bathroom tiles, the choice of materials plays a key role in creating an aesthetically appealing and functional space.

Ceramic is one of the most common solutions, thanks to its versatility and the simplicity with which it can be treated. This material also offers a wide range of options in terms of colours and design.

Other materials to consider are marble and porcelain stoneware. While natural stone tiles have a timeless elegance and give the bathroom a touch of luxury, porcelain stoneware provides an excellent level of durability, is easy to maintain and has an outstanding aesthetic appeal.

The possible combinations of materials and design are therefore many and allow the most varied effects to be achieved. Stoneware, for example, is ideal for a contemporary or Nordic style bathroom, while marble gives the bathroom a more traditional look.

Aesthetic taste is what most influences the choice of colours for bathroom design tiles. White tiles are a perfect solution if you want to create a timeless, elegant and bright room. Cement tiles, on the other hand, are an excellent choice to add a touch of colour in a corner of the bathroom and to liven up the overall atmosphere of the room. For a contemporary and refined location, one can also consider using tiles in a palette that includes earth-inspired shades of beige and brown, to be combined with green or blue elements. Such a solution, perfect for a natural-looking bathroom, creates a cosy and relaxing ambience.

What are the best effects and finishes for bathroom design tiles?

Bathroom design tiles

When designing a designer bathroom, the choice of tile effects and finishes is crucial to creating a visually appealing and well-structured space.

Three-dimensional tiles are an excellent solution for those who want a modern and original bathroom, for example. This effect is particularly effective when applied strategically, for example, to the wall covering that houses the bathtub or shower cubicle.

The material effect is also a valid option to consider. You can also consider combining different finishes to create a fascinating contrast between floors and walls or between opposing walls in the bathroom, so as to emphasise and highlight only specific points in the room.

The way in which bathroom design tiles are laid is equally important. For example, using different formats can help create depth and dynamism in the space, while the choice of laying the tiles horizontally or vertically can influence the perception of space, visually widening or lengthening the room.

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