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Bar cabinet contemporary: what is it? How to choose the right model for your needs?

Bar cabinet contemporary

The bar cabinet contemporary is a perfect piece of furniture to make a living room or lounge original. Incorporating this piece of furniture into the décor is particularly ideal if you like to organise evenings in the company of friends and if you enjoy the art of cocktails.

The most elegant and prestigious models of bar cabinets  are made of solid wood and finished with sophisticated details such as metal handles, polished or textured finishes and inlays.

Why furnish with a bar cabinet contemporary?

A bar cabinet  is not just a piece of furniture that is beautiful to look at: although it is often only required by cocktail enthusiasts, this piece of furniture also offers numerous advantages in terms of functionality.

Being organised in a similar way to a real cupboard , this piece of furniture has trays, shelves and drawers in which you can keep all the materials used for preparing cocktails in order. In addition to glasses, a bar cabinet contemporary has space for mixers, spoons and, above all, liquor bottles.

The presence of dedicated compartments and shelves ensures that each element is always in its place, making drink preparation quicker and easier on the one hand, and simplifying cleaning and tidying up the house on the other. 

Choosing a designer and well-finished bar cabinet contemporary can increase the level of sophistication of your home décor. With its meticulous finish and its ability to transform cocktail preparation into a sophisticated experience, the bar cabinet  becomes the focal point of the room and enhances its style and design.

In addition, this cabinet can be customised with various accessories, such as glass holders, bottle holders and glass shelves, to make the moment of cocktail preparation even more personalised.

Bar cabinet contemporary

What materials should be chosen to make a bar cabinet contemporary?

To create a quality bar cabinet, there are several materials that can be used , depending on personal taste and furnishing style. The most frequently used material is solid wood, but beautiful cabinets can also be created by mixing wood with glass, steel or marble.

Solid wood is the first choice for those looking for an elegant and solid cabinet. You can choose various woods, colours and textures to achieve a result that precisely meets your wishes.

When wood is combined with glass, the result is close to the modern, minimalist aesthetic taste. Models of this type allow you to play with light and create interesting light and shadow effects.

Stainless steel is also a material to be considered for beautiful bar cabinets. This metal is appreciated above all for its strength and durability, but it is also loved because it guarantees excellent levels of hygiene and because it gives the room a modern, clean look. A stainless steel bar cabinet contemporary can be combined with wood or glass to create an interesting and original contrast. Cabinets made entirely of stainless steel, on the other hand, are perfect for a home furnished in an industrial style or a contemporary style.

Bar cabinet contemporary

Wardrobe or bar trolley? Which one to choose?

Bar trolleys are an alternative to consider to a bar cabinet contemporary. While the latter is a fixed piece of furniture with a rather capacious structure, a bar trolley is a piece of furniture on wheels, usually small in size, and equipped with shelves, which are intended to hold bottles, glasses and other bar accessories.

Bar trolleys can be used as an alternative to traditional cupboards, especially when cocktails are only prepared from time to time. Compared to bar cabinets, trolleys are more versatile because they can be easily moved from one place to another in the house and because only the bottles, glasses and accessories that are to be used from time to time can be placed on the trolley.

Being compact and often small furniture, bar trolleys are not cumbersome and, indeed, can be used to furnish narrow spaces, such as corners or niches, that are difficult to enhance. This characteristic makes bar trolleys the ideal solution for those who live in a small flat or for those who have a bar cabinet contemporary in their main home and wish to be able to create quality cocktails also in their second home.

Finally, bar trolleys are also an economical choice compared to traditional bar cabinet. While bar cabinets  can be expensive, especially if they are made of high-quality materials such as solid wood, bar trolleys are usually less expensive even in designer versions.

Bar cabinet contemporary
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