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Arm chairs, when and according to which criteria to choose them

Arm chairs

The table is fundamental, but chairs are also important

When furnishing your kitchen or your corner in the living room that will be used for eating, even outdoors, it is often thought that the choice of the table, starting from the shape to the dimensions and even the materials, is the most difficult.

It is evident how it should not be mistaken, to give your space the look you want and convey the right message (for example, every shape says something different, round or square is convivial par excellence), but how it is not the only detail to consider. Chairs are also important, both in terms of design and practicality, and an often debated choice is that of arm chairs.

Sofas, armchairs and arm chairs- what are they?

Literally, armrests are elements that mark the ends of objects dedicated to sitting, where you rest your arms. They are found in furniture such as sofas or armchairs as well as in chairs, and are often considered expendable.

There are many models that do without them, espousing absolute essentiality, and others that, in the absence of space, consider them an expendable element. For example, on sofas it is often preferred to widen the seat by a few centimetres, renouncing the armrest. On the other hand, it is a detail that increases comfort, because it allows you to rest your arms.

If there is an armrest, doesn’t the chair go under the table? Not if you choose the right furniture

When it comes to chairs, some people advise against them because of their uncomfortableness. In fact, it is often said that arm chairs steal a lot of space, as they can hardly be placed under the table. But this is not the case.

While it is true that one cannot have armrests that are too low because then the element of comfort would fall away, and indeed risk forcing the arms into a painful position, if one chooses matching chairs and tables the problem does not arise.

And besides, it only really exists when you have little space available, whereas if you have ample space you can consider leaving them beside the table. But as mentioned, with a little care one can opt for models that do not cause this problem.

Arm chairs

Arm chairs, where they are recommended to be really comfortable

Experts usually recommend armrests at a height of 15-23 centimetres from the seat, both for practicality and for the comfort of the arm rest. If the chair is placed next to a table, the arms can be rested on its top, while armrests become important for ergonomics if we are talking about chairs that are not placed next to a table. Arm chairs are not only comfortable, especially for those who like to sit for long periods at the table, but also aesthetic. In fact, in several models they have above all a design function.

Materials and shapes in arm chairs

Arm chairs

So, in the design world, arm chairs are opted for, whether for the kitchen, the living room or outdoors, both for comfort and beauty. You can have them in various materials, from wood to metal or plastic, depending on the type of furniture you have. For classic settings and for those who really want to focus on comfort, there are many upholstered models.

The choice in terms of shapes is truly vast, with chairs from the classic geometric shape to other sinuous and imaginative ones for those who want to be daring, from the elaborate and imposing ones that are well suited to the classic to the simple and essential ones of the modern and minimalist style. The legs, the backrest and even the armrests become elements that can add an extra touch, think of a higher or lower backrest. Thus, armrests also become a detail that can make a chair unique. The advice is always a compromise between comfort and beauty.

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