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Arclinea kitchens, a model for every need

Arclinea kitchens, an inimitable feature

The kitchen models offered by Arclinea have a common denominator that makes them inimitable, unique and easily recognisable: the separation profile between the doors. The products offered by Arclinea kitchens are renewed, and each one improves on the previous one. The models offered are, however, varied and each has its own characteristics, an essential feature for having a kitchen range capable of satisfying the needs of every type of customer.

Arclinea kitchens and their door separation profile

The Thea model has a peculiar feature, which it shares with other models that have determined Arclinea’s success with the public in past years. It is a separating profile between the doors that facilitates the opening of the containers, offering a convenient solution. Essential aesthetics go well with the practicality of Arclinea kitchens, which translates into a clear concept capable of dividing the kitchen into two distinct zones that nevertheless complement each other. The first zone is for working and the second for conviviality. A curiosity: the first kitchen model produced by Arclinea in the Sixties was called Thea, and so this up-to-date model is part of a series of models that have made the company so successful.

If you want an Arclinea kitchen in your home with the same functions as those found in restaurants, you can opt for the Italia model. The kitchen is made of steel with well-organised rooms, two separate and differentiated washing areas (one for food and the other for dishes) and with extended cooking surfaces. Anyone with an unbridled passion for cooking or who regularly plans dinners with friends and colleagues will certainly find the Italia model the perfect ally.

Kitchens by Arclinea, between tradition and innovation

Lignum et Lapis is the perfect model for those looking for a kitchen in wood and stone. The islands, counters and tops are made of stone and the doors enhance the natural wood. The model is available in mahogany, Nordic oak, larch finishes and all the lacquered colours available in the Collection.

The Beta model winks at the uniqueness of each project and versatility, integrating with the other elements of the Arclinea Kitchen Collection. Functional and with an essential design, this model allows a versatile design for any type of kitchen.

Convivium peninsula table, as its name suggests, is a model designed for those who want to experience the kitchen as a convivial area. Those who want a kitchen to live in, where they can cook but also carry out other activities, where they can meet with others and get excited, need look no further: Convivium peninsula table is an open space that warms the room, giving it a family atmosphere with a table island in the centre and, all around, large shelves that run, at a higher level, around the entire perimeter.

Also from the Arclinea Principia kitchen collection is a model designed by Antonio Citterio which takes the basic principles of the kitchen and renews them. The link between these basic principles leads to an unusual result, where steel and natural wood give life to an original model, with combinations of colours and materials. Innovative technologies combined with natural materials and handcrafted details allow the evolution of the equipment areas.

Another model designed by Antonio Citterio for Arclinea kitchens is Artusi, very flexible, concrete and rational. This model offers the possibility of organising the kitchen in total freedom; the possibilities of customisation are practically infinite. Materials such as laminates, lacquers and woods go hand in hand with steel. This is the highest example of a professional kitchen for the home today.

Finally, Arclinea Cucine creates for those seeking affordable luxury the Gamma model, for everyday use, but still extraordinary.  Gamma is an offspring of Gamma 30, an Arclinea product that was very successful in the 1970s, and integrates perfectly with every product in the Collection.

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