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Elegant, eco-sustainable, essential: a thousand reasons to choose aluminum and glass kitchens

aluminum and glass kitchens

Aluminum and glass give elegance and functionality to kitchens

Thinking about aluminum and glass kitchens immediately brings to mind a double image: elegance and functionality to be inserted in a minimalist and modern environment. These are precisely the characteristics that a choice of such materials can give to a kitchen. Aluminum and glass kitchens are pleasant to see, aesthetic, modern.

They can be imagined in a house furnished with a contemporary or modern style: in fact, they are perfect for essential lofts, maybe even open spaces. They go less well in an environment that plays with the classic, although the innate elegance and linearity of the product makes them basically versatile. Choosing kitchens in aluminium and glass, for example, allows them to be included in the context of open kitchens, which, as the term implies, must not only be practical but also visible.  Similar materials are often combined with modern appliances of the latest generation, capable of facilitating life in the kitchen, in the preparation of meals and in the management of the kitchen, also experienced as a convivial environment.

Kitchens in aluminum and glass enhance the characteristics of the two materials

The best qualities of aluminum and glass kitchens, in addition to the simplicity and elegance of the lines that are able to guarantee, is durability. These are materials that resist over time, if treated with due care. It is well known that glass is easily scratched, a detail to which, if you do not want to compromise in a major way the aesthetics, you must pay particular attention. But if you know how to take the right precautions (for glass, for example, it is advisable to use microfiber cloths moistened with warm water) and devote the necessary time, the result will be priceless. Glass is non-deformable, contrary to popular belief, while aluminum is so resistant that it is also suitable for outdoor furniture. But don’t worry, it won’t be the aesthetics that loses out, on the contrary!

Another detail that should not be overlooked is the luminosity that the two materials can confer. Aluminum is reflective, which means that it has the ability to diffuse and reflect light. Glass and aluminum will consequently lead to kitchens with lots of light, a detail that must be calibrated well with the choice of lamps and that gives a clean, graceful and elegant look.

Aluminum, chosen as the base for their kitchens, will give the possibility to juggle between endless modular combinations, in order to create customized rooms according to taste and space. For example, you can include an island, the surface of which could be made of glass.

Aluminum and glass are friends of the environment!

Kitchens made of aluminum and glass, combining the best features of the two materials, are refined and pleasant. Aluminum is one of the lightest materials that exists, even with the same volume has a weight three quarters less than copper and steel. It adapts perfectly to both low and high temperatures, which is ideal in the kitchen (not surprisingly, it is used extensively for the production of pots and pans). Moreover, it is also an eco-friendly solution, able to meet the needs of those who, when designing their homes, keep an eye on the environment. Glass is also recyclable and eco-sustainable.

The union between aluminium and glass will be the strong point of kitchens

It also dispels the myth that aluminum does not allow you to play with colors. Light nuances are very elegant, which still accentuate the brightness, such as particular whites or grays. Combining black aluminum with glass will give life to aluminum and glass kitchens with modern and refined trends. The glass itself can be made more special by a finish or lacquer. To give refinement, a choice of colors based on a few shades that match each other in a sense of harmony is perfect. But those who want dynamism can also dare, without forgetting that it is in the union of aluminum, a purely industrial element and now adapted to the design, and glass, elegant by nature, that there will be the real strength of their aluminum and glass kitchens.

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