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[:en]Italian Leather Sofas and Their Elegant Designs [:]

[:en]Design is fact when it is time to look for Italian leather sofas. Sofa along with modern technology is desirable to all who aim at adorning interior of room. As there are available of design of sofas, you may puzzle what the sofas are best or not. Or you will worry about what the leathers are real or not.  In this consideration, knowing previously some quailed sofas will contribute greatly getting your desirable sofas.

Find out some stores which are enabling real leather contained sofas since long time. To get the information about well-known Italian sofas by leather, this content may be benefited as it is written about some 5 well-known as well popular leather sofas brands in Italy.

Portfolio Leather Sofa

Rarely, it will be found that men dislike sofas made by leather. Design that is flexible and versatile is expected by all. Portfolio Leather Sofa is one kind of sofa that is trying to make you happy with design. As here is well-known designer like Ferruccio Laviani, you will be ensured to receive real sofas consisting in genuine leather. No matter if your room’s space is not big. But matter is what you feel using Portfolio Leather Sofa as is small in size.

Park Sectional Leather Sofa

Another is Park Sectional Leather Sofa which is designed by well-known designer Carlo Colombo. You will wonder how much Italian leathers are used in the seat andback cushions of the sofas. The attractive fact of the sofa is having aluminum frames and various types of polyurethane foams. The structure of the sofa is really charming that ensures long durable.

The Borderline Leather Sofa

The design will be gorgeous if you find the combination of materials which are used. Surely, you can find combination fact as is designed by Mauro Lipparini. Both classic and modern designs are characterized here in order to give strong appeal on sofas made by leather. The wondering fact is that the seat cushions, back and armrests are covered with real leather that ensures making you comfort on relaxed time.

Jelly Leather Sofa

GianluigiLandoni, a well-known designer designed Jelly leather sofa which can divide easily how variation there is. Casual and natural looks are main attractive factors from other. The combination of materials of the sofa is with casual, soft and cozy piece of furniture.

The Patmos sofa

The combination between leather seats and wooden blocks of the Patmos sofa is great ensuring natural look and lightweight sofa This combination makes the design more elegant. So, it is different from other leather sofas as it is designed by Terry Dwan who has more popularity on designing.[:]

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