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[:en]Know The Best Collection of Modern Italian Office Desk[:]

[:en]When it is time to decorate an office newly or not, installing the modern office desk that mostly emphasizes the inner beauty may be perfect choice in modern era. If one once determine to do, the collection of modern Italian office desk may be so one desire. But there may be difficulties while buying modern office desk made in Italy. Then going through right place is helpful to get the desirable things for office.

IL PICCOLO Design is a place where you can meet with the most popular and prestigious Italian furniture brands. The office desk you are searching get from here easily and can compare what is the most desirable for you any means. In this content, you can some collection of office desk characterized by well-known Italian furniture. These are below……

Desk Cross

A modern collection of Italian brand ‘Arper’ designed by Fattorini B. – Rizzini R. It ensures exciting features as a modern choice for office desk.


  1. Rectangular desk
  2. Legs with varnished aluminum
  3. Available several sizes
  4. Fully made with aluminum
  5. Width -360 cm, depth135 cm and height74 cm


Desk S 285

This is the most luxurious and eye-touching collection of Thonet. The sophisticated collection is designed by well-known designer Breuer Marcel.


  1. Main material is lacquer
  2. Combined double modules
  3. Strong structure with steel
  4. Available multiple shelves drawers for different tasks
  5. Ensure storage in a small space


Desk LLT OFX Executive

It is a very recent collection for modern office desk, a product of Fiam designed by Benini D. – Gonzo L. It is available from 2012 in Italian furniture market. It’s a perfect choice for executive desk in home or anywhere.


  1. Has limpid glass that is the main material
  2. Available different size
  3. Have a good look
  4. Ensure a prominent durability

Desk FJU

It is personally perfect for home office. Look fascinating. Desk FJU, a product of Living Divani designed by Kaschkasch launches in 2015. Features are excellent where one can pick it up in mind for as a office desk performing personal task.


  1. Required a little space where one can use it as a writing place.
  2. Have load required shape made by steel
  3. Main material is wood
  4. Outstanding artistic look
  5. Mechanism task are really good

Desk Calamo

Zanotta, the Italian furniture brand characterized the collection in 2013. Here is no enough space to perform multiple tasks. Single task( such as writing) may be suitable for this which is designed by Rosa Gabriele.


  1. A little space required desk performing personal task
  2. Varnished steel
  3. Available flap door in storage compartment
  4. Available in styles and sizes


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