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[:en]Italian Modern Bedroom Furniture:  Get The Best Collection of Double Beds[:]

[:en]If you plan to decorate your bedroom with Italian furniture, you will never ignore to choose about beds. Keep in mind that type of bed mainly depends on how many member are here. Single bed is needed when there is only one man where two men allow double bed.

Besides, large member of family surely allow double or sharing bad. If it is sure that you need a double bed, ilpiccolodesign will be the best parent to you where you get trendy/ modern double bed totally made in Italy. Ilpiccolodesign ensures you getting the best collection of Italian brands where you can meet with your desire easily.

Here are some of the best collections of double beds characterized by Italian well-known brands.

Bed Lipla 

Bed Lipla is a collection of brand porro. It launched in 2005 designer by Massaud Jean Marie.



  1. Excellent shape
  2. Composing with several parts
  3. The structure is great where fabric and a headboard are available
  4. Has a wooden base resisting the mattress
  5. Leather contained collection
  6. Available supporting surface
  7. Easy combination with shiny wood lacquers


Bed Avalon Bed

Ensure a sound sleep that anyone desire. It is a collection of brand Living Divani designed by well-known designer Koivisto Eero launched in 2005. Look gorgeous if you look closely.


  1. Avail stainless steel frame having rectangular volumes
  2. Modern technological advancements available
  3. Genuinely made by genuine Italian fabric
  4. Covering with polyester fiber
  5. Has removable cover made by fabric and leather
  6. Both single and double bed available
  7. Has polyurethane foam that enhances the overall beauty
  8. Has double panelled pine and poplar

Bed Caress

Well-known designer Hutton John designed it 2004 which is characterized by Italian furniture brand Flexform Mood. The main material of the collection is fabric.


  1. Upholstery fabric
  2. Wide headboard
  3. Available lateral panels
  4. Timber frame with polyurethane
  5. Has genuine oak

Bed Coverbed

Latest design for double bed. Famous designer von Schewen Anna designed this. Italian furniture brand Zanotta launched it in 2015.


  1. Minimalist style included
  2. Avail metal frame that lasts long
  3. Has soft padded headboard
  4. Use polyester fiber
  5. Removal upholstery
  6. Materials are fabric and steel
  7. Natural Vanished staves

Bed Ayame

Ayame is collection of Tisettanta designed by Zanotto Paolo. It is very recently collection for designer Italian double bed.


  1. Has classic classic aesthetics
  2. Look more modern
  3. Genuine wooden frame and headboard
  4. Main materials are wood and fabric. But fabric and leather are available
  5. And avail footboard


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