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[:en]Get The Best Collection of Italian Modular Sofas You Desire[:]

[:en]A variety of modern Italian sofas are available in market in order to beautify the inner of room. The collection of Italian sofas varies from style, design, size and more. When it is time to buy, modular sofas made in Italy may be worth choosing. It allows extended or large family where sectional and combined sofas never perform perfectly.

While looking for modular sofas, it is absolutely quite hard to find the right place where well-featured sofas made in Italy are provided.  If you are in trouble to choose the right brand you desire, the content may guide you knowing some of the best collection of modular sofas characterized by Italian brands.

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Set Shanghai Tip

It is a product of Italian brand ‘Moroso’ designed by Urquiola Patricia. The main material of the collection is fabric launching in 2006. The features are excellent.


  1. Avail removable cover requiring fabric and leather
  2. Have series of seats
  3. Have polyurethane foam and polyester fiber
  4. Avail in various types
  5. Excellent mechanism

  Set Extra Wall

Living Divani launched it in 2002. Prominent  designer Lissoni Piero designed it with fabric. It is perfect on size to set up and features are excellent.


  1. Combining and finishing wide range
  2. Seat bases made by wooden frame
  3. Has Adjustable black PVC
  4. It is fully removal required leather and fabric
  5. Can be used for outdoors purposes

Set Barret

It has very recently launched in marketplace. It is designed by Lazzeroni Roberto. Flexform Mood characterized it with fully fabric that ensures excellent features.


  1. Has genuine leather
  2. Avail two-seater module
  3. Soft furnishing that ensures much comfortableness
  4. The feet is made with solid wood
  5. Requiring upholstery leather and fabric, it is available in types since 2012

Arrangement Cover

It is recent collection of Paola Lenti designed by Carrasco Victor made with fabric. Long relaxation will be provided from here by using this collection. It is including a small table.


  1. Basically the structure is made with solid wood
  2. Available in coloring design
  3. Various colors are used here to make it innovative
  4. Including a small table where a little storage allows to use
  5. Adjustable covering system

Set Pianoalto

It assures a modern look never lost after a while. It is a series of Zanotta designed by well-known designer Palomba Ludovica+Roberto and launched in 2012 containing of fabric. It ensures excellent look having quality features.


  1. Available removle cover with fabric and leather
  2. Available in different sizes
  3. Ensures long durability for having high quality material
  4. Structural character is so special no one denies to pick it up


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