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For over 40 years now we have been the directors of The Interiors

With our carpentry laboratory we represent the handcraft excellence that distinguishes the quality of the most precious furnishings in the world, the “MADE IN ITALY” ones.

We support the customer from the design phase to the complete implementation of the project, furthermore integrating the process with a precise and professional delivery and installation service.

In our Showroom you will find luxury and high-end brands of which we are the sole agents, as the La Cornue kitchens, the Devon&Devon bathroom designs, the Brand Van Egmond chandeliers, the Flexform furnishings and the Nodus rugs.

Like many companies of the Made in Italy, we are small – 50 people among artisans, architects, accounts department and management – but the scope of our activities is global.
We’ve worked so far in 50 countries around the world and all over the world we seek and select materials, ideas, solutions, techniques and talents.

We represent a unique heritage of craftsmanship and traditions.
High quality, long-lasting, masterly handcrafted interiors and furnishings.